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Oct 13, 2007 11:31 AM

Clarke's South Beach - a thank you and short review

A few weeks ago I asked the board where to take 25 people from Holland for dinner. I finally arrived at this decision and it was a good one!

First of all, we had a 7:30 reservation and we were an hour late (I called the restaurant twice). They were very kind and understanding. I was a freakin' wreck over it - this is not the way I handle dinner reservations and I was kind of ticked off at our friends for being so inconsiderate.

The restaurant is not large and our empty tables took up a big portion of it. As soon as we finally arrived, I belted down a glass of champagne. That helped take the edge off and I chilled. :D I ordered champagne by the glass and it was $11 each, and very good. My SO and one of our friends ordered Merlot by the glass and they were very good at $7 each.

We took up 3 long tables and had 3 separate checks and they were very nice to accept that. The food was delicious. I had ceasar salad and a fettucine w/pink vodka sauce dish that was a special. I also tasted the spinach salad with goat cheese crostini. The filet mignons looked wonderful, but I didn't taste them. My SO had fish and chips and enjoyed them too.

Everyone liked their dishes so I was happy that I had found a great place willing to accomodate such a large (late) group. I don't know what the bill was nor do I know what, if any, gratuity they added. I'm sure they added something on, but one of our friends picked up our tab. I handed our server a $20 on the way out because of how late we were. So I hope that made up for it.

Thank you to everyone at this board!

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  1. Clarke's has surprisingly solid food.

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      Has anyone made it to their new Sunday brunch yet? Been trying to make my way over for it but unsuccessful thus far. Actually headed there for dinner tonight.

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        I wish we lived closer because I know it's the kind of place I'd love to keep trying. We're in north Broward, so it' s a bit of a schlep!