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Oct 13, 2007 11:19 AM

New Mexican place in Yonkers

Has anyone tried the new Mexican restaurant in Highbridge shopping center that was the Seafood Peddler and than Greek Corner?

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  1. Great service, not too impressed with the food, kind of on the expensive side.

    1. It's called Rancho Grande. Service was excellent, food was good (I much prefer this place to Blue Moon in Bronxville), and prices were reasonable. Booths are deceptive, though. They look comfortable roomy but are really cramped.

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        Service is great at Rancho Grande in Yonkers, the bar sometimes gets backed up. Food is consistently good. Their margaritas are not the best for the price they charge.
        No matter what, it is a great Mexican restaurant to have on Central Avenue

      2. Hubby and I tried Rancho grande for lunch the other day. We thought to food was terrific, but on the pricey side. I had the mole chicken, nice presentation and delicious boneless chicken breasts. I just wish you could choose black beans instead of refrieds as a side. The restaurant itself is very attractive with a nice staff.

        1. The original comment has been removed