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Oct 13, 2007 10:40 AM

Two Dudes Catering

We saw the promo and thought, "dudes..put that greasy hair under a hat..pull it back..put hair nets something with that hair!"

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  1. exactly! who wants THEIR food? drugged up rock stars must be the demographic.

    1. here's a piece we just put up on the Food Dudes

      They're actually really nice guys, totally serious about food. They aren't greasy or dirty. They're just...dudes. Oh, and it looks like a lot of people hire them for catering. I was surprised at how busy they are.

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      1. re: lesleyb

        lesleyb, they may not be greasy, but their hair is awful! you wouldn't mind them cooking over your food?

        1. re: alkapal

          Honestly, in person, they their hair isn't awful. Just long. The one said they're growing it out to donate to charity, so who knows. But they pull it back when they cook, and Vinny, who was in the kitchen cooking/prepping, had a bandana on, too. As opposed to all the Top Chef sweaters we saw this past season!

          I have a feeling that there are far worse people in some kitchens, long hair, short hair, etc., that we never see.

          1. re: lesleyb

            hope we go to places where management is on the ball!

      2. I really enjoyed the show. Food Network finally got something I might watch. I have worked in kitchens for over 16 years and they are the kind of guys you want to work with... fun, laid back AND professional, knowledgeable. You can tell they take the food seriously.
        Also hair pulled back and bandana when necessary. The hair/tats are part of their look outside the kitchen.
        Good luck to Two Dudes.

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        1. re: meginAB

          I saw this show last night and found it very watchable. It has that young and hip Ace Of Cakes vibe, except intead of cakes it's catering. Food Network definitely has me on the hook to watch next week as well.

          On a sidenote what do these guys charge!? That catering job in Malibu - it was 4 courses for 15 people, the food alone was $1,000...

          1. re: Bunson

            well, mr. alka and i just ate at a reasonable and highly lauded steak place here in arlington, va, (dc 'burbs), and it was 110 dollars for steaks, bottle of french wine ($30 plus), and coffee (excluding tax). two sides included. so, i'm thinking, that is not so bad.

            p.s., i did not see the show, nor the menu of the"two dudes." was watching "frontline".

        2. They did come within a whisker of beating Cat Cora on ICA (3/12/06)


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          1. re: mdscott

            mdscott, don't you think, though, that Cat Cora is lame as a chef?