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Oct 13, 2007 10:39 AM

Nice place in the foothills....

We're taking my parents out for their 60th anniv in a few weeks while we're in Denver and would like some suggestions of nice places in the foothills to celebrate, maybe with a nice view? Thinking about the Red Lion Rest in Boulder Canyon, the Twin Owls in Estes Park, or maybe the Fort in Morrison. Any other suggestions??? We'd like to go somewhere new, nice and fun but having some trouble thinking of places- any help would be great!!!

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  1. There was a recent thread on mounain/foothill restaurants with a view. The consensus was there was not really such a place.

    Another suggestion is Briarwood Inn in Golden. No view but great place for special occasion dining and kind of is in foothills..

    If you like that type off food - game, steaks, kind of southwestern, I think The Fort is kind of fun and memorable place for a special dinner. I have not been to the Red Lion in years but it is in a nice location. I don't really remember the food that well.

    If your considering Boulder you might keep in mind Flagstaff House. Not sure you want to spend that much, but you only celebrate 60 years together once! I think that is where I would probably take my parents for an occasion like that. But they won't reach 60 years unless you added the total of all their marriages together so I don't need to worry about that.

    Perhaps others will have more suggestions.

    1. I think that the Flagstaff House is the best around. It qualifies as being firmly implanted in the foothills with great views of the Boulder lights but also the faces of the mountains to the north. Also, the food is stellar. I also think that the talk about it being so expensive is specious these days. Go to any steakhouse and you'll pay upwards of $35 for your entree without any accompaniments. Compared to Morton's, the Palm, etc., the Flagstaff House is a downright bargain. And you get to have a creatively prepared dinner rather than a slab of meat tossed on your plate with a $10 side of mushy spinach!

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        IslayMan, you stole my suggestion. I'd opt for the Flagstaff House as #1. The only drawback that I found was the road down. Since the Flagstaff House has such a wonderful wine cellar, that to dine there without delving into it was considered a crime in our family. We always got a limo to make sure that we got home safely. Other than that, it qualifies as the ultimate. Good call.


      2. The Red Lion is mediocre, at best. Nice location, but not much on that menu is going to impress you. I would look elsewhere in the Boulder vicinity.