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Oct 13, 2007 10:29 AM

Dinner before or after Wicked?

We will be seeing Wicked at the Ford Theater please give suggestions/opinions about dining before or after the show as well as good ideas about restaurants. Thanks so much!!

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  1. If you're going to an evening show, you won't get out until around 10:30 or 11, so you may want to eat beforehand.

    Personally, I'd suggest Atwood Cafe. We ate there before seeing Wicked and the staff was great about making sure you finish with time to spare (but by no means rushing you) and the food was excellent.

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      I have eaten at Atwood before many shows.. it's great, and the atmosphere can't be beat!

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        Thanks for the recommendation. Good location for a pre-show meal, promising sample menu online, but the actual menu on the night we went had a bit less appeal for us. More problematic was that the food was only mediocre on the night we went, with several dishes being a tad overcooked and/or over-seasoned. Could have been worse, but could have been better. Maybe an off night, which happens.

        Thanks again,


      2. Everest has a great pre-theater deal.

        1. I say before the show, definitely. There's nothing like dinner and a play - Wicked, no less!