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Oct 13, 2007 10:14 AM

Newport, RI

Friends of mine are taking a cruise from Brookly to Nova Scotia. I am meeting them in Newport this Friday (19th). Two questions - Do any of you know where the cruise ship docks in Newport? I am unfamiliar with the town (coming in from Northern, CT). Also, they have never tasted a lobster roll nor have had anything but mediocre clam chowder. Where would you recommend a lunch that they could enjoy the best of both? They are older, not very mobile, so nothing that would cause them to walk far from parking, etc.
Thank you, Sally

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  1. hopefully somepone will post info with the name of this place... I just know how to get there. This time of year this stuff is shutting down.
    You'll be able to see the boat/docks when you drive into town just follow signs for scenic newport.
    I used to live on Jamestown and went back for a visit so forgive my directions I ussually would drive to Galilee for the type of food you describe BUT this last visit discovered a great place that was well reviewed.
    Head on the main drag like you are going to the mansions but continue over hill to the the beaches.
    Right there in middleton right across the road from 1st beach is and awesome lobster roll, chowder and clamcakes spot I wish I could remember the name and am hoping a proud local will chip in. From the reviews on the wall they were voted best chowder and cakes multiple times and they totally satisfied my cravings of years of seperation.
    Brick Alley Pub is right downtown not far from parking and ok food. Black Pearl is right on the water and a longtime decent place. PArking for both of these may be tough...back in the day you could valet park at the pearl. The first place the nameless one is a clam shack with indoor seating . the other two are..more standard type places.
    please fellow RI chows chip in with the name of the shack at first beach. Its easy to get to - parking wise and is a good representation of RI milk chowder.
    Brick alley has cream based chowder very good( mostly a burger type place though) - and I don't remember a lob roll there

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    1. re: coastie

      Coastie I beleive that you are talking about Flo's Clam Shack.

      1. re: hummingbird

        YES - thank you, I have had better but they are very good and fairly close to downtown Newport.

        1. re: coastie

          flos is past its prime.and way to far from where the ships drop go the the black pearl if its nice enough to eat outside.brick alley is right there too,long waits but worth the parrot is good too.mooring and the smoke house are worth it too.

            1. re: sallyct

              The ships drop anchor in the harbor and shuttle people to shore. They dock next to Long Wharf, just past the Marriott hotel as you're entering town. I don't recall there being parking right at the shuttle landing (which is also the ferry landing), although if you have a handicapped pass, you could probably get real close.

      2. re: coastie

        Thanks for all of your suggestions and parking descriptions. I should have said this up front, I want a place we can enjoy a cocktail or a glass of wine with lunch, so I am not so sure a clam shack will cut it. Sounds like Black Pearl might be my best bet, if I can get them there without walking far. He is on oxygen and she has bad knees....wish me luck.

        1. re: sallyct

          I would strongly recommend The Mooring over either Black Pearl or Brick Alley. Black Pearl has good chowder but the inside leaves a lot to be desired (I find it to have an odor when I walk in .....not very clean? or simply old? I don't know but that is a deal-breaker for me). If the weather is nice enough to sit outside, that's one thing. But I still strongly rec The Mooring (just steps from the Black Pearl).

          Brick Alley is okay, but it's nothing special - not sure why it continually is recommended here when it's obvious the person has something a little nicer in's a place to get burgers, salads, etc, a casual family place. Good solid food to be sure, but in the end it's still just burgers, wings and stuff.

          1. re: JaneRI

            I agree with you here on this one, 100%. Given the specific requirements in the post, the Mooring is the way to go.

        2. re: coastie

          Great info, thank you. I found the website for the Brick Alley Pub, they do have a lobster roll. They also have a lobster reuben...could be interesting.for the Cannot find a website for the black pearl, though I will keep looking. Thanks again.

          1. re: sallyct

            both the pearl and brick alley are in places that with a pass or two u should be able to park really close or drop them off and park within a 3 minute walk.(this time of year) Brick Alley has three parking options. Behind the Jane Pickens theatre and then stairs down - ok for u, not them. Accross the street there is paid parking a reasonably close. A a definite drop off and around the block once if too far a walk, ( less than 1/2 block)
            Less parking at the Black Pearl but they may still valet.
            The meal and service I had at the Brick Alley was good service was great. Been too many years to way in on the Black Pearl except it used to be the one of the best

            1. re: coastie

              Thank you for your detail and your thoughtfulness. I will post next weekend, and let you know which place we end up. Thanks again.

        3. GO NOT GO TO THE BRICK ALLEY PUB! Go to the Black Pearl or Flo's - If you are looking for more authentic chowder/fritters and lob-sta roll consider heading over the bridge to Jamestown or Narragansett.

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          1. re: doglady

            wooo whats the problem with the brick alley?just wondering

          2. If I were in this situation, I would not hesitate to take them to the Mooring. You can drive them right to the door and then park there after your friends get inside. The Mooring has a great seafood menu which includes terrific chowder and boiled lobsters, and the staff is very helpful. If it is a cold brisk day, you can sit by a nice fire and on a sunny, warm day, you can sit our overlooking the water. Good wines by the glass and more. I think the Mooring is your spot. I would agree about the Brick Alley Pub not being right for this situation. A little chaotic and loud for me, and the menu is not as good.

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            1. re: mvi

              I will check out ther mooring if they have any online info. It sounds very nice. Without everyone giving this great info, I would be lost.

              1. re: sallyct

                Here's another post in favor of the Mooring. I've never had anything else but a lobster sandwich and clam chowder there. If the weather is cool enough they may have the fire going. It's a great spot, and plenty of parking right in front.

            2. For the closest parking, I would go to the Newport Harbor Hotel and Marina, or I would try for a metered spot near the Brick Alley Pub. You can meet your friends at Perroti Park where every one from the ship lands in their dinghy. Your easiest choices for terrific food would be 22 Bowens, The Moorings, or the Black Pearl, all of which are on Thames Street, on your right. Take a look at "". If you want a super fantastic lunch ($$$$) with a super view go to Castle Hill Inn (

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              1. re: Emilyc

                First, thank you all for your suggestions. I chose the Moorings. It was pretty bad. There were three of us. Two chowders (which were ok), one calimari (I can still taste it in my mouth - It was not fresh), two lobster rolls (I get much fuller and better at the Hazard Grill in Enfield) and one turkey sandwich (served with a fried egg). No cocktails nor wine. Almost a hundred dollars and it was mediocre at best. I would never go back. HOWEVER, it was easy to drive my company to the entrance and to park and that was very important. The food was secondary.

                1. re: sallyct

                  As someone who has always had a good meal there and was sure you would like it, I am very sorry. Wow. I will keep this in mind. Major disappointment. So sorry.

                  1. re: mvi

                    enjoyed the scallop chower at the mooring immensely today. never had a bad experience there.

                    1. re: sk3

                      Add me to the list of shocked - never had a bad meal at the Mooring and I think their chowder (the scallop one) is one of the best in Newport.

              2. Well, we tried the Mooring on the rec. of the people at Castle Hill Resort. I believe it is their "sister" venue. Ay, ay, ay. What a disappointment. Best part was the parking. We did well at unfortuneately- I- can"t-remember-the-name-Zelda's or Sylvia's

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                  Oh, sad to hear that it's gone so far downhill. Yes, same company owns Castle Hill, Mooring, 22 Bowens, and Waterman Grille in Providence. Maybe they're too 'scattered' now?

                  Zelda's is really good, although I haven't been in some time.