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Oct 13, 2007 09:24 AM

1st Anniversary Dinner help...

My husband is a picky eater (rolls eyes) and I am not. I love to cook gormet but Im not sure what to cook for him. Any ideas for a meat and potatoes kinda guy.

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  1. My suggestion would be to make meat and potatoes, but in an interesting way. For potatoes, for example, instead of boiled or baked potatoes, make potato balls sauteed in goose fat, a pommes Anna (hope I have that right) or souffle potatoes - or Boulangerie Potatoes, which have the added benefit of having bacon in them!

    Edit - do you have any French cookbooks - like Julia Child? That might be a good place to start.

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        I'll second the Beef Wellington...I make wellington for two using filet migon and frozen puff pastry....this dish helped changed my hubby from a "meat & tators" guy to a real chowhound. Plus it's simple, gorgeous, and you can do most of it ahead, so that you are relaxed for a romantic evening at home. I've posted the recipe on the home cooking boards...

      2. For whatever reason, my hubbie suggested cheese fondue for our 1st ann'y - so I said OK. But it turned out to be a great idea - it's pretty easy but the range of dippers can be easy or more complex. And it lends itself to a slow laid back meal while drinking a great bottle of wine.
        And while it is heavy, it's not too heavy that you can't have a special dessert.

        I know it's odd... but that is our bizarre little tradition.

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          Not odd - we've done that as well. Or sometimes I put together a huge plateau de fruits de mer - easy to do, I make a couple of sauces, add some champagne, and you're set!

        2. I mean this sincerely...your best bet is probably to go out! That way he gets his meat 'n' potatoes, and you can have something more creative.

          1. If your husband is picky, he may not like the pate on beef Wellington. How about Chateaubriand? The recipe is usually for two, so it has kind of a "romantic" bonus.