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Oct 13, 2007 09:16 AM

In town Oct. 28-30th, what to eat?

My husband and I will be passing through and staying for 2 nights later this month. What delicious seafood, po-boy, muffaletta and cajun or creole places are the best? The muffaletta is for the drive on our way back to Dallas so it doesn't need to be in New Orleans if the best is on my way. Also are there any places that are better this time of the year vs. other seasons?

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  1. I'm sure you've heard central grocery for muffalettas.

    Seasonally speaking - we are now in the months ending in R and as such I would highly recommend that you have raw oysters if you like them. There are a bunch of places I think are pretty equivalent but I like Felix's best - they have raw oysters, oyster and shrimp poboys, and other basic New Orleans food.

    You might be able to give us a little more information regarding what you're looking for -- neighborhood, price range... if you have preferences.

    1. Believe it or not, that is a very wide topic! I will try and help you. If you want a dressy dinner with Creole food, try Galatoire's, Arnaud's or Commander's Palace. For a po-boy, you have many options. Downtown is Mother's on Poydras St. If you are there during the week, you will see po-boy places all over the central business district. If you venture uptown, try Guy's po-boys on Magazine and Leontine St or a The Grocery right on St. Charles Ave and 8th or 7th. Cannot remember the cross street.
      For moderately priced, casual Louisiana creole/cajun, I would direct you to Jacques-Imos, Mandina's, Dick and Jenny's, Grande Isle, or Cochon.
      Good luck.

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        Has Guy's re-opened yet? They had that fire in the spring, and I think they're still rebuilding it.

      2. The roast beef poboy at Parkway Tavern was absolutely delicious! I can't say enough about it. Also, their sweet potato fries were yummy.

        1. I'm visiting NOLA soon, too... has Dooky Chase reopened?

          1. The absolute BEST place for a po-boy is Crabby Jack's - owned by the guy who owns Jacques-Imo's. It's a rundown looking place on Jefferson Highway, but the slow roasted duck poboys are the best anywhere! The shrimp or roast beef are equally as good - but get a regular, not large because they are huge! The seafood platters are amazing as well.

            Crabby Jacks - 428 Jefferson Highway, zip code 70121; phone 504-833-2722

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            1. re: creolequeen

              That duck po boy sounds divine. I will certainly give that a try.
              Parkway seems to be a noted as the best po boy around by many, so I'll give them a try for an oyster or RB po boy. Mothers gets a thumbs down by most so they're out.
              I have heard that Arnaud's is a favorite from someone at work who's dad come sfrom New Orleans, but was worried that after Katrina it may not be up to snuff. I have read that August is fabulous, but don't want to mess around w/ that kind of fine dining, and fine dining prices, if that isn't the case.
              Thanks for the tips. I will certainly supply feedback upon my return. anymore confirmations on the above would be great or any word on August would be nice too.

              1. re: hhshames

                The duck po boy is great, ask them to add swiss cheese to it if you fancy. Note - it is MESSY! have a ton of napkins and a fork and knife but damn is it good. I ate them probably two to three times a week when I went to Tulane. Also, try the fish tacos there, unreal, and the blackened fish w/ shrimp remoulade special as a po boy.