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Oct 13, 2007 06:06 AM

Is there xiao long bao in Dallas?

My husband and I moved to Dallas from NY over 5 years ago and have yet to find xiao long bao anywhere. We've tried to make it, but it is incredibly difficult and it didn't really turnout right. We've gone to numerous Chinese restaurants, but none have food from the Shanghai region. Please help as we rarely get back east.

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  1. Do a search on this board for "soup dumplings", xlb, or xiaolongbao (one word) to see previous discussions.

    Yao Fuzi in Plano, Shanghai Restaurant in Dallas, and Jeng Chi all serve XLB.

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    1. re: guttural

      I just went to Jeng Chi on Monday and the xiaolongbao were delicious!

    2. Thanks for the suggestion. I will go to Shanghai Restaurant for lunch today and Yao Fuzi for dinner this evening. You can never have too many soup dumplings or Chinese food, for that matter.

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        Did you like the xiao long bao Shanghai Restaurant? I had never tried xiao long bao until my visit there last week. I didn't know what to expect, but the friend I went with had it in NY (Joe's Shanghai). I was kind of disappointed because the broth was so dark and the meat tasted like beef and not pork. My friend said it was too sweet. I like the other dishes I ordered. Maybe I went on a bad day. I'm going to check out Jeng Chi.

        1. re: al427

          It was okay. When I went there, I found that out of all the xiaolongbao only two hadn't burst before I got them. I would say that Yao Fuzi was MUCH MUCH better. According to the gentleman who waited on us at Yao Fuzi, and who I believe was a relative of the owner, these are far more authentic. the dumplings were bite size, filled w/ soup and served w/ a white wine vinegar and ginger dipping sauce as opposed to the black vinegar at Shanghai Restaurant. They were delicate and delicious. I would give it another try but at Yao Fuzi instead. BTW- Joe's is really good, but a little different. They do the black vinegar and the dumplings are little bigger, but always very juicy.

          1. re: hhshames

            Sounds like Shanghai's XLB have gone downhill. Though Joe's XLB are juicy, the size is untraditionally large. They're more of a New York creation now. Shanghai cuisine is characteristically delicate, in this case, meaning bite sized.

            1. re: hhshames

              I'm going to check out Yao Fuzi some time!

              1. re: hhshames

                I have tried both Jeng Chi and Yao Fuzi. I have to agree that the ones at Yao Fuzi were much better.

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              1. re: ginger7949

                In west Plano on Park just east of Preston. It's across the parking lot from the Studio Movie Grill.

              2. Try to make it at an off hour, otherwise they are likely to be out of chopsticks, napkins, menus , small dishes, glasses of water etc.
                Up until the last time I had gone the food had been delicious and severed perfectly. This last time my reservation was not taking down when given (1.5 weeks in advance), and three days later when I was in eating dinner I reconfirmed my meal for the following week end's party of six. We were the last seated, drinks were supposedly on the house, at the least the first round, but they weren't. And the most disappointing part of all was that nobody had decided whether they were going to order a second order of soup dumplings, but they were brought anyway and they had the audacity to to put it on the bill. Oh and one of my guests went to the bar 2x to place orders because they waiter couldn't handle us. What!!!!!?????
                Our last dish was this beautiful duck they make served with potatoes, and it was outstanding. Too bad they didn't bring rice with it and I had to wait to enjoy that dish which at that point the food was cooking down.

                My main reason for going has always been soup dumplings and my first batch was cold and all the dumplings had burst. I would like to say this isn't a common occurrance, because I go on off hours (not weekends) so my suggestions is to only go when the restaurant staff has time to take care of you.

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                1. re: yumyum palace

                  By all means go to Jeng Chi, and for more that the xiao long bao. The spicy pickled tripe is sheer heaven, the variety of dumplings is excellent. They make everything, including the noodle wrappers, in house. That place is just a gem. The pot stickers will renew your faith in that dish, and the scallion pancake and leek turnovers are quite good. Oh, hell. Just go. Take a large group so you can make a serious dent in the menu.