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Oct 13, 2007 05:31 AM

One: brief review

Brief, because there's not much to say. A trio of us decided to catch lunch there yesterday at 1:30. They had said earlier that they were booked, but we decided to try, anyway, and succeeded. I ordered duck confit. Ooops! Sorry! We're out! OK, as a darwinian pangolin, I know that I must adapt or die, so I opted for the braised rabbit ravioli with pancetta and sage. What I received was three ravioli, dressed with nicely crisped shards of pancetta and fried bits of fresh sage in a thin, butter sauce. The flavour was quite nice. A bit confusing, though, was the service for it. A clean plate was placed before me, and the ravioli were in a serving dish to my right, but with no utensil, so I had to serve myself with my knife and fork. Not that I minded, but I was left wondering what the point was. Given the portion, I wasn't about to leave any, so why not just plate the damn things in the kitchen? After all, it's an opportunity to be all artistic and showy. So, three ravioli and a glass of mediocre Chianti was $38 before tax and tip. The others had a lobster salad (as in a green salad), and a pulled pork sandwich, both of which were pronounced to be very good.

The service was flawless. It was efficient, brisk, accomodating, but not unfriendly or cold.

The decor was oddly 80s: brown leather banquettes, sort of corduroy-ish material on the chairs (sorry, obviously not a design guy here). Am I that old, that I recognise my youth being recycled? I shudder.

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  1. Yup, your that old. I've noticed the same thing lately :)

    Interesting review in the Globe this morning: loves the food, hates the service. Your review is an interesting contrast.

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    1. re: bluedog

      Huh. Interesting. Haven't picked up my G&M yet. BTW, I didn't dislike the ravioli - I just thought that it was pretty pricey for what I received.

    2. Love to see that ONE has received a great review FINALLY!
      Perhaps they are taking care of the kinks and upgraded the training for the service
      staff OR perhaps it could have been service was at its ULTIMATE PEAK as on Friday the
      staff WON the LOTTERY:

      hahahaaha.........good on them!

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        The lottery story is a great one -- we hear so much about restaurant staff being under-paid and poorly treated. $287,000 a piece: sweeeeeet!

      2. Last Monday my friend and I went into the bar for a drink and a nibble. I ordered a $15 Mojito (!) and crostini with foie gras and roasted apples. It was lovely to eat, but $16 for two crostini (well made) and a schmeer of foie gras. As to decor--I hated it and my friend loved it. I found it to cold and dark and very 80's as noted, but my friend like the cool minimalism. The toilets are good and can be added to the emergency list.