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Oct 13, 2007 02:17 AM

Pit stops to the Keys

Are thinking of going to the Keys at easter.
Will be driving though. Wanting to know where to stop along the way for some lunch,
looking for the freshest and most delicious fish. Simply prepared, no sauces and a local fave. Don't want high end fine dining; we'll be casual.

Name of place, what to eat and key?

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  1. Everything will be fresh! Its the Keys! Stop at Alabama Jacks on Card Sound Road. Good inexpenisve food.

    1. Mrs. Mac's Kitchen, MM99.5 bayside in Key Largo. Local favorite, with good reason. Great food, friendly service, great prices.Very casual, think fish shack. Right down the street from Key Largo Fisheries, so you know their stuff is fresh. A grilled tuna steak, cooked to order, is served over a bed of fresh spinach, with sliced tomatoes, cucumbers, onion, pickles and sprouts is $8.95. Many other items are great too, daily menu on the board plus the regular menu.
      I would avoid the fried fish basket IF it is in the fish & chips style, the breading was too thick. That was the only thing I ever ordered there I didn't care for and I have eaten their at least once a week for the last ten years or so.

      1. 50 mile marker Marathon Keys Fishery, gulf side order find a picnic table on the water eat and feed the Tarpon, Best, freshest, best priced I have found.

        1. Be sure to try the Conch Fritters at Alabama Jacks. They are the best! You will also be in the Keys during Stone Crab Season so be sure to try those out.

          1. The Good Food Conspiracy MM 30.2 in Big Pine Key offers sandwiches and vegetarian meals and is a fave by locals and was given 5 stars by Fodors