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Oct 12, 2007 10:38 PM

Alpine Village Octoberfest 2007

Has anyone been to this year's event?

I'm going on Sunday, but after reading reviews of past AV events, I'm not so sure...

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  1. I haven't been this year because I went last year... and I didn't want to do it again. :) Well, the event itself isn't really worth going for, but if you're going with good, fun friends, then you can make a silly fun night of it. The quality of the beer they serve isn't great. The oompahpah band is actually pretty good, and it's sort of kitchy fun. The setting is slightly ghetto - the Alpine Village isn't in the best area, and the Oktoberfest setup is picnic tables outside on the asphalt. But really, it's a totally random group of people - young and old, clean and not - and you can have a lot of fun with it after a few plastic cups of beer. Enjoy!

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      Agree with heinous. I went only because my beer drinking friends wanted to try something different.

    2. One more thing... if you're going to the AV anyway, stop by the deli/shop if you're looking for German stuff. They have actual German products in there, along with a very good meat section where you can get all sorts of ready to eat German-style sausages and cold cuts. My German friend loves it. They also have a decent selection of imported German beers that you can't find many other places. If you like sweet liquors, try the Bärenjäger - it's a liquor made from honey. The aroma is pure honey, but it packs an 80 proof punch.

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        I have also heard their German sausages are great there, but the German wine is quite God-awful.

      2. I agree the Alpine Village site is aging into major tackiness (though it never was inviting way back when). You might try the Phoenix Club in Anaheim (off the 57 fwy). They do a big biz for their Ocktoberfest each year (theirs lasts for six weeks, I think). Food, carnival stuff for the kiddies, plenty of brew and apfelschnapps for mom and dad, music and all that oompah jazz. It's a clean but random scene. Though much of it is indoors in a cavernous hall. Plus, everybody is sehr gemutlich, as should be where beir is consumed in great quantity.

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          At the Phoenix Club on Sundays they have the festival outside. It ends earlier, but it is nice to be outdoors instead of in the big hall. Also, only on Sundays they have either ox or pig roasted on an open pit. I like Oktoberfest at the Phoenix Club much better than at Alpine Village or Old World. OCBites is right, it is a random mix of people though but lots of fun!

        2. 15 years ago, I allways had a blast doing Oktoberfest in Alpine Village. I went last year, and things were not as enjoyable, for many reasons.

          I like to eat at the continental resto at AV, I have allways enjoyed eating there, and really like their weinerschnitzel. (I know, many here will snicker, since there's not alot of fans on CH for AV restos) The deli is out-of-this world fun to shop at, and I allways end up buying lots of goodies. (their rye bread and marzipan "potatoes" in the bakery are awesome!)

          The actual Oktoberfest is kitchy, the band is usually great, the drunk games you can play are a hoot. BUT...This now seems to get a different crowd that it used to. Gang-bangers? Check, at least on Friday/Saturday nights. WTF they would find fun about a German drinking party eludes me a bit (I guess they like to drink, mainly!) Sunday is family day, but i've never been to it, then. The food served at it is really over-priced, as is the beer. As long as I get the dunkel, i'm a happy girl. (dark beer, for those not in the know)

          AV Oktoberfest is alot of "what you make of it". If you have good friends/family with you, a responsible driver, and want to enjoy yourself there, you will.

          It's still fun, as I enjoy the whole day there, shopping, eating then drinking. Be prepared for lots and lots of crowds, tho.

          1. It's a little cheesy, but if you like beer, you're all set. Check your Press-Telegram for free passes. For pics and a full review...