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Oct 12, 2007 10:06 PM

Wonton Soup, but not Wonton Soup

I recently moved to the LA area and I am looking for Wonton Soup, but the soup that I'm looking for is not what it's suppose to be. Wonton Soup is suppose to have chicken, maybe pork pieces, shrimp, mushrooms, and other things in a chicken/seafood broth. I am looking for Wontons that are stuffed with chicken in a kind of salty chicken broth with some chopped up green onions. I know that it sounds very particular, but I really preffer the knock off soup to what it's suppose to be.

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  1. I love the soup at Cafe Chin Chin (i've only been to the Tustin location). I don't know if it's real wonton soup or not, but whenever I get a cold I have some of their soup and I get better immediately.

    1. Not sure where you moved from, but what you describe as what wonton soup is supposed to be, is not the basic wonton soup, it's the woh (sp?) wonton, which means wontons with other additions (as you describe) in the soup, and the soup is chicken not seafood broth. What you are looking for, what you describe as the knockoff, is the basic real thing. Except that usually the wontons are made with pork and shrimp.
      I'm searching for some good wonton noodle soup, and for me it can only be Cantonese style.
      There used to be places I'd go to all the time for this, but they are gone, and I haven't been looking that hard for replacements. The one at Phoenix, both the restaurants (one in Alhambra, and one in Chinatown), and the Phoenix boutiques (various locations) are pretty good.

      1. Hey, Kwinkel! I don't know where you live in the LA area, but my favorite won ton soup is at A-1 Chinese BBQ in the Lomita area, near Torrance. Total hole in the wall, but very authentic and extremely tasty. I've been going there for almost 20 years. They actually make their own won tons, and their soup is a rich and unctuous chicken broth unlike the broths you get at other places. It sounds like what you want is actually a pretty purist won ton soup; I really hope you don't actually want a knock off. In any case, give A-1 a try - it's how it's supposed to be.

        A-1 Chinese BBQ
        2014 Pacific Coast Hwy, Lomita, CA 90717

        1. Try Pauls Kitchen on San Pedro in Los Angeles. Their Wor Won Ton Soup sounds and Tastes very close to what you describe. I am pretty sure the Won Tons are pork based there.. But it does taste good to me..

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            Agreed....their wor wonton is a meal in itself. The old school American-Cantonese style you're looking for. They put so much stuff in it there's hardly room for the soup. Then the crispy fried noodles that only American style Cantonese restaurants serve is the kicker.

            Make sure its at PK's in downtown.....Monterey Park location isn't nearly as good anymore.

          2. Sounds as though it would just be easier to fly to NYC and have it here. :-}
            All the little takeout places make the basic version you seek.