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Oct 12, 2007 09:23 PM

New to NE San Antonio

Just recently moved to NE SA, specifically the suburb of Live Oak. I'm asking for recomendations for all types of restaurants, any and all is fine. I'm familiar with the 281 area but don't want to drive out there all the time. Thanks in advance.

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  1. i live here are as well......and let's just say If I really want something creative and tasty I usually end up going out to Gruene (20-25 minutes) and eating at the Gruene River Grill or Gruene Onion. Los Cucos right there next to Gruene Onion has some really good fajitas.

    As far as things that are close, Papa Dante's on FM 1976 is a really old school Italian joint that has good food, but it is nothing fancy. I think they still have Lambrusco by the glass on their wine list. (He says he is the process of upgrading the list, hopefully so).

    There are a couple of Thai places that are good. Thai Spice in the Forum and Bancock on Pat Booker.

    My favorite breakfast taco's are at Taqueria Acapulco on Pat Booker (right next to the Suzuki motorcycle place).

    Mama's Cafe has some pretty good homestyle food, and their breakfast is really good.

    For lunch or a quick sandwich, we go to Hearthstone Bakery/Deli in the Forum (up there by Kohls). They have some really good soups, salads and sandwiches. Desserts are fabulous as well.

    Camino Ranch on I35 has decent food (nothing wrong with it at all, just not as authentic as you can get in a town like SA). They actually do have really really good margaritas.

    Those are the places that we frequent. Hopefully someone else can enlighten us both on some more tasty treats. I have yet to find a great pizza joint nearby or a spectacular chinese (Ling's Dragon on FM 78 closed, and they were A+).

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      Thai Bangkok is the best Thai in town. It is awesome and very close on pat booker and 1604. Their spring rolls and noodle dishes are great. I love the soups for lunch on tuesday and friday.

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        thanks for the Thai suggestions, one of our favorites.

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        thanks for the suggestions, as for pizza we found a place on Nacodoches and O'connor called Pizzabella, it says it's New York style but I can't see it (we are originally from NYC and PA), even though, it is still good. Another good pizza place is called Miss Ellies, it's over on Starcrest and Heimer by 281.