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Oct 12, 2007 07:24 PM

I've read about the meat, but what about the sides?

My husband's the meat guy, but some different or special sides are really important to me at a BBQ restaurant. I think I recall someone writing about sliced avocado at one of the Lockhart institutions; could it be true? Are there any other BBQ restaurants that have more than potato salad, coleslaw, and white bread?

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  1. Melissa,

    Sides don't matter at real BBQ places. But, the best sides available at a good BBQ place is at Ruby's on Guadalupe.

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    1. re: BigboyDan

      R.O.'s outpost on Hwy. 71 in Spicewood has really good sides -- fried okra, fried corn on the cob served in your own dish of butter, great black eyed peas, and plenty more. The best thing about R.O.'s though, is the pie.

      1. re: pogo

        I'll second the R.O.'s sides notion. They rock. Worth the drive !

    2. The sides at Ruby's are good. The home fries are cooked in a cast iron skillet when you order them. Both potato salads are homemade. The BBQ beans are nice and fiery. And they even have 2 cole slaw choices.

      Mann's on 183/Ohlen (fried okra, greens, corn, lima beans) and Pok-E-Jo's (broccoli salad, corn, green bean casserole, fried okra) have pretty average BBQ but a good selection of sides.

      1. Don's BBQ has the best potato salad. Ever.

        1. Kreutz's and Smitty's will sell you an avocado, you provide the slicing. We always get one. Southwest market too. Good beans at all three but they're old style so the sides are minimal. The pickles are good at all 3 places. Get onion pickles cheese beans and an avocado and you're fully accessorized. Black's has a full array of sides, some pretty good. Pok E Joes has good sides to go with just decent bbq. Baked potato caserole and they can sell you a nice salad with little or no iceberg lettuce.

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            Chacun à son goût, but to my taste cheese and avocado are so meaty in taste and texture that they don't go well with barbecue. For contrast I want something crunchy and acidic. Some good sharp raw onion and a sour pickle are perfect. Soda crackers for a bit of carbohydrate balance. Stuff like potato salad, beans, slaw, etc. just take up stomach room that be better used to hold meat. When I go to the trouble of driving out to Luling, Lockhart, Taylor, Elgin, or Llano, it's about meat. Just my opinion, and no better than anyone else's.


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              I agree that Pok-e-Jo's has quite good sides although only average BBQ. There is one near me (on Parmer) that I go to every few months when I don't feel like cooking, but don't want to go to the hassle of eating out. The Baked Potato casserole is cheesy tasty (although far from low fat) and a nice change from Potato Salad. We have also tried their Green Bean Casserole (ok...although i like my mom's better), cole slaw (more vinegary than creamy), okra (very good and usually fried fresh), Mac and Cheese (good although not great) and the Potato Salad (also quite good). The brisket tends toward the dry side but you can request a fattier cut to amend this. The sausage is ok (sometimes a little greasy). All in all, this is a place for my take out lazy needs but not my destination of choice when I'm craving BBQ.

            2. The Salt Lick has good sides and average meat. Pok-e-Jo's has a huge variety of sides and average meat.

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                I agree on the Salt Lick. I enjoy their version of potato salad a lot. The potato salad is closer to a hot German potato salad than the standard American style you find elsewhere. The departure from the standard hot recipe being that they seem to add bbq sauce to it and chill it.