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Oct 12, 2007 06:52 PM

Restaurants with Great Tasting Menus - Seattle

My husband and I will be visiting Seattle in October. We are staying in a condo so that we can do some of our own cooking (we are excited about all the wonderful fresh produce, fish and seafood that is available). We would love recommendations for some restaurants that offer tasting menus. We are hoping to have a tasting of the local produce, seafood, fish, and meats etc...available in the Seattle area. Cost is not an issue but if we had our choice,we would chose a more "laid back" eclectic atmosphere for our dining evening. We are open for all suggestions and thank-you for your help.

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  1. Mistral for a tasting menu......

    Not a tasting menu, but a great evening of Seattle would also be Canlis........(I don't care what you others say, I'm a 47 year native and Canlis continues to be outstanding !!!)

    1. Mistral, but it's not laid back-it's fine dining.

      1. Rover's also has tasting menus. French with a NW twist but also fine dining and pricy, but excellent. Everything in Seattle is casual. Or you might try a small plates type of place. Tilth offers many small plates with organic ingredients.

          1. re: barleywino

            Thank-you for your info. After reading the reviews on Mistral, I am not comfortable with giving it a try. I don't mind spending money on an excellent meal but the reviews of this place are so varied, I'm not willing to give it a try.

            1. re: Deborah

              Deborah, I suggest Harvest Vine. Their tapas are so unique and you can sample a very diverse range of culinary fare. If you go make sure you make reservations for a table in the wine cellar.

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                I strongly second Harvest Vine. Yes, get a table downstairs.

            2. Rovers or Crush both would be my picks

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                Sitka and Spruce isn't exactly a tasting menu, but plates that are meant to be shared. And definately a more laid back environment you seek. Lark also has the shared plate concept. Not exactly tapas, but small plates of entree type food.

                Cascadia used to have an excellent tasting menu, but haven't been in a while. Concur that Crush is great.