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Oct 12, 2007 05:41 PM

Gramercy Park area - Toddler Tolerant and Take In

Looking for places to go out with a 2 year old. She's well behaved but she is just 2. Good for a short amount of time (45 mins) and needs some distractions.

Also looking for good places for take in. Near the area is appreciated (but a short walk is fine too - 10 blk radius for this pls...)

Thanks in advance

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  1. There are family-friendly spots in that area, but I doubt you could be in and out in 45 minutes. What kind of "distractions" are you looking for?

    For take-out, it would be helpful to know your cuisine preferences + more precise info about your location.

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      Gramercy Park N. Btwn 3rd & Lex. Anything under 1.5hrs would be best. "Distractions" could include anything from noise to a fish tank. Just nothing where a toddler would be looked down upon.
      As far as take out - pretty much anything is great. Not a huge fan of Korean but Thai, Italian, Med., etc is great. Thanks

      1. re: lolabelow

        Two family-friendly spots that are great for eating in and also do take-out:

        Via Emilia, on 21st, just west of Park Av. S., would actually fit both your purposes. The homemade pastas are especially delicious, with the lasagna being a stand-out. With a toddler, it's best to go early because they don't take reservations and it will be easier to get a table. Also, it's cash only.

        Penelope is on the corner of Lex & 30th St. The menu is eclectic, and the food's very tasty. Charming surroundings. In addition to take-out, they deliver though you'd have to inquire as to whether they will do so to your location.

    2. Where in Gramercy Park? A little ways away Petite Abeille is very good and extremly kid friendly (there is always a stroller line about 5-10 deep).

      1. I was at Friend of a Farmer on Irving Place for dinner the other night and saw a nice little baby there with family sitting in the front of the restaurant. Baby was crying from time to time but this did not faze restaurant staff.

        This place is totally crowded for brunch on weekends but is nice in the early evening. If you've never been, it has two levels and outdoor seating and I always feel like I'm at Grandma's kitchen if Granny lived in Vermont.

        1. agree with Petite Abeille - the japanese place across 20th street is also very nice to kids and gives them things to play with.

          Bao Noodles - 2nd ave 22/23. Go early - they are nice to kids although there isn't much there that we have found accessible to the kids beyond the fried spring rolls.

          Cottage - Irving and 16th. Very easy with kids.

          I love taking my kids to East - 28th & 3rd. The food going around on the conveyer may be overwhelming for a toddler but they will provide "kid chopsticks" upon request - take a booth rather than the counter seating. My kids started eating mini-soba soup, shrimp tempura and plain crab sticks there pretty young.

          City Bakery has a kids table with books under the stairs. 18th, 5/6

          Posto Pizza - 18th & 2nd. Great thin crust pizza and a fun working jukebox (distraction?)