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Oct 12, 2007 04:31 PM

For Sat. Night near Manchester Hyatt San Diego

We'll be in SD for one night (tomorrow), and want to take a friend from the East Coast out to a nice dinner. He is not adventurous at all, so it needs to be something in the American, Seafood or Italian categories. Would like to keep it close to the hotel (10 mins. by car). I've read good things about Oceanaire, so that might be our seafood option, but I'd really like to be able to suggest something Italian & something California/American. Three of us, all in our late 30s, all of us married...while I have no objection to hip & trendy, it's not necessary. This is for catching up with an old friend we don't see very often, so a pleasant environment is preferred (i.e., no fluorescent-lighted strip mall Thai or Mexican joints, no matter how good they are!)


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  1. For Italian, I'd head into Little Italy and go to Buon Appetito.

    Straight up 5th Avenue is Bertrand's at Mr. A's, which is more old-school dining, but it had good food, is pleasant, not noisy, and spectacular views.

    One more, also on 5th Avenue, is Avenue 5. Though I have yet to try it, it's gotten some very good reviews here on the board.

    If you can, try and report back on where you wound up. Have a great time!

    1. Perhaps you want to try Remingtons or Flemings downtown. Pleasant atmosphere - not too trendy - delicious food!