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Oct 12, 2007 04:07 PM

ISO Great Burgers in SM

I'm in search of outstanding hamburger spots (or restaurants with outstanding hamburgers) in Santa Monica. I already know about Father's Office and the Counter -- I'd like a few suggestions to places that won't require a long wait.

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  1. I heard that the 26th street cafe on Montana does a pretty good one. But I have to say that I just went to Lucky Devil's on Hollywood Blvd in the city and had the most outrageous kobe burger ever. It's worth the trip!

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    1. re: kproq323

      Thanks. I've heard that about Lucky Devils -- I also here they have great milkshakes. Unfortunately, that would have to be a weekend trek for me. Traveling into Hollywood from the Westside on a weeknight is near impossible.

    2. I know I've posted this before, but Houston's on Wilshire in Santa Monica makes a great bacon cheeseburger.

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        You may be thinking of the late great Hickory Burger, which much to my sorrow they removed from the menu a couple years back. Or do you add bacon to the regular cheeseburger?

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          I have them add bacon to the cheeseburger. :)

      2. Cora's has a great burger. Breakfast and lunch only.

        1. Try 26 Beach Restaurant, Angus, Kobe, Turkey & Veggie. They make their buns on premise and cut their own fries. One of the servers just told me they make their secret sauce, i got some on the side to dip my fries in and it was really good!

          26 Beach
          3100 Washington Blvd., Venice, CA 90292

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            If sweiner is going as far north as 26 Beach, I'll throw in a rec for Beechwood. Really excellent burger.

          2. Try Snug Harbor. It's a cozy storefront cafe that's been there for about 4 decades. The seductive aroma from the food that's cooked on the grill here is enough to draw you into this place if you're nearby. They serve a good, generous size burger with a mound of grilled onions along with everything else that deserves to be on a good burger. The fries are pretty decent also, as is the breakfast fare.

            2323 Wilshire Blvd
            Santa Monica, CA 90403

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            1. re: Sam D.

              Thanks so much. These are all excellent suggestions. I love Snug Harbor for breakfast and didn't realize they were open for dinner. 26 Beach sounds great as well.