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Oct 12, 2007 03:42 PM

Nokia Theater

I'm planning to go to the new Nokia theater next week to see the Dixie Chicks/Eagles. It's part of the new LA Live complex, but I have no idea if any restaurants have opened yet. Does anyone know if there will be decent food at the theater or suggest restaurants within walking distance?

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  1. Within walking distance, the best choices are Arnie Morton's (Steaks & Chops at Figueroa & 7th), the Palm (Steaks & Chops at Flower & 11th), Roy's (Hawaiian at Figueroa & 8th) and Zucca (Italian at Figueroa & 8th). If you want something more casual (and less good), there is Liberty Grill (American at Flower & 11th).

    1. Sadly, only the Nokia theater is the only thing that's finished at LA Live.

      1. yes you can go to la bella cucina, its exactly on the corner of fig and olympic. great country italian food. I live near by and i go there for drinkd b4 my kings games.

        have fun and good luck

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            Late as in Never Closes (no lock on the front door means "open" all the time). ;-D