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Oct 12, 2007 03:20 PM

Freeman Winery

My friends and are spending a day in the Russian River Valley/Healdsburg area. We have an opportunity to do a tour/tasting at Freeman. We do like Pinots. If we go there we will have to forgo other places, Lynmar and Moshin. Is Freeman worth it?

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  1. Freeman winery is by appointment only, makes small quantities of elegant pinot noir and chardonnay, and is run by talented and extremely friendly folks (whom, I need to divulge, I know well). If you are interested in tasting some very well-crafted wine, presented by the folks who made it and who will enthusiastically talk to you about it, visit Freeman. If you want more of a traditional visit with vineyard views and glitz, go with your other two choices (I also think that Lynmar is making very good wine now).

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      I made an appointment at Feeman and decided to do all 3 wineries. Thanks!

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        Agree on Lynmar. I recently had a few bottles of it at a dinner hosted by a good friend, and I was surprised to see it is being made in Sonoma County--if I were to guess by style, I would have said it's much more like the better Willamette Valley offerings than what we found everywhere but at Joseph Swan on a recent Sonoma Country trip. Nicely balanced, good complexity, not overripe, went extremely well with food. I just checked the winery web site, and they use a range of Dijon and Pomard clones, along with some Swan Selection and other Pinot clonal selections. I really appreciate the complexity the wine has as a result of their careful vineyard management, since many other producers in the area will just plant one or two of the fruitier Dijon clones because it's easier to manage that way and will generate good yields.

      2. Yes, Freeman is worth it. But get in touch with Ed Kurtzman from August West. Ask him ifhe is going to be the one giving you the tasting at Freeman and if not ask if he can give you some tastes of August West wines and of his Zin called Sandler. (Ed makes Freeman and also makes those other wines at the Freeman property.)

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          Eric, the asst winemaker at Freeman, is giving the tour. Should I ask him?

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            Eric is a good guy. I met him once. But I don't think he is involved with August West and deffinitely not Sandler. I would e-mail Ed ( letting him know when you are going to be there and asking if he might be around before or after or else if maybe he could make some August West or Sandler available for you to taste when you get there... or maybe he could just tell Eric to give you some barrel samples...

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              Thanks so much!! We are now in Ca (from NJ). I will e-mail him.

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                Just got back. Eric said Augest West not there anymore so we just tasted Freeman. We enjoyed their pinots and Eric was very nice. It was a fun time. Lynmar also very good and a pretty place. Bought wines from both places. Moshin had a very nice tasting experience but I did not like any of their wines.

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                  Glad you liked it...

                  HUMF! Ed moved wihtout telling me! Oh, well, I guess the last time I was up there was in February... ;-)