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Oct 12, 2007 03:17 PM

Blackforest Mill German Restaurant

Visited twice. A disappointment both times. German potato soup was too vinegary, as was red cabbage. German potato salad was very bland. Weiner Schnitzel a big disappointment...served with lemon slices too thin to provide juice and WITH FRENCH FRIES. Spaetzle doughy and unseasoned Sauerkraut was good. Service was haphazard with customers appearing to be an afterthought. A the Valley needs a good German restaurant with an emphasis on quality food. If any reader knows a good one in Scottsdale or Phoenix, please advise.

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  1. French fries? You mean pommes frites? My husband is 1/2 German and after living in Germany 3 years, his favorite German meal remains jagerschnitzel with rhamsauce (sp?) and pommes frites. I'd prefer spaetzle myself, but he'll stick to his pommes frites and found no lack of them anywhere in Germany.

    1. That's too bad. Did you eat in the main restaurant or in the bar? I've enjoyed 2 meals in the latter and during happy hour, it's one of the best food values in PHX. The main restaurant has gotten good reviews as well.

      But everyone has their own likes/dislikes. How would you compare it with other eateries in the area?

      1. I have had a couple of very pleasant and delicious meals at Black Forest Mill and didn't have anything approaching the experience you had. Perhaps a bad night?

        In any event, when I was in Frankfurt, Berlin and Munich, I was inundated with pommes frites as a side dish at just about every German restaurant I visited, so I wouldn't have been surprised to have been served such a dish with my Schnitzel.

        1. Adding Place.

          Black Forest Mill German Restaurant
          4900 E Indian School Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85018

          1. Looks like you had bad luck. I live in Arcadia and this is my new favorite eatery.
            They have the best happy hour in town. I thought that that Red Cabbage was one of the best items on the menu.
            French Fries / Pommes frites is very common in Germany when you serve it with Wiener Schnitzel. I think that this is the best German restaurant in town by far.
            They were just voted best German Restaurant in phx by the new times reader's choice and editor's choice.
            The place is always clean, the staff is great and the food has always been good.
            you should go back and try it again.