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Curry Fries

Looking for a take-out style place in Toronto that serves fries with curry sauce, I know its popular in England, so does anyone know of a place here?

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  1. It might just be a curry mayo but Chippy's has some curry thing you can order on the side...

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      nope, they stopped the curry gravy last time i'd asked

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        I didn't like their curry gravy when i tried it. I was pretty disappointed.

        I thought this thread said "curly fries".

    2. Murphy's Law at Queen/Kingston Rd. has a curry sauce for fries.

      1. Queen's Head pub in Burlington lists it in their sides, but I think they just open a can of Patak's. See link - http://www.thequeenshead.ca/navigatio...

        1. I don't know if they do take-out, but Irish Embassy at Yonge/Welling has a tasty curry/fry combo.

          1. A lot of pubs which do fries & gravy will do fries & curry sauce on request (i.e. it's not on the menu) and at the same price (around $4), particularly if you've had a drink there.

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              curry fries? Wow... I would like some kimchi fries though.. :)
              have to try this

            2. Duke of Gloucester has them. One of my faves!

              I wonder why more places in Toronto don't have curry gravy. In Ottawa, everywhere I went they served a gravy spiced with curry.. so good.

              Duke Of Gloucester
              649 Yonge St, Toronto, ON M4Y, CA

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                I'm liking the sound of these, but not quite visualizing it.

                Is it like a gravy with curry flavour / seasoning?
                Or a curry sauce without meat and veg?

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                  They're two different things. But talking about curry sauce with fries made me think about curry gravy and fries.

                  Curry sauce is a thick, dark yellow, Indian-style curry.

                  Curry gravy is gravy spiced with curry powder. That's the stuff I found everywhere in Ottawa.

                  Sorry to confuse!

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                    There's a third option as well. Frites with curried mayo (or an aioli) is a popular street snack in the Netherlands and Belgium. Delicious.

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                      Yes, I didn't think of that; I agree, it is so delicious!

                      I made some curry aioli last week to accompany a batch of bacalhau croquettes. Great stuff.

              2. Many Indian restaurants who do take out also have fries on the menu; just ask them to spoon some curry sauce over the fries.

                1. It's not take out, but Stratenger's on Queen East does a great chicken curry, and will serve it on fries if you ask (although they give you odd looks sometimes). Especially good with the tall, cheap beer.

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                    best curry fries I have had out were at Irish Embassy ... good fries and gravy with yummy curry they will spice it up if you ask