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Oct 12, 2007 02:42 PM

Bolo and Bobby Flay

Am thinking of taking my parents there while they're in town. I've never been there, any thoughts?

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  1. I feel like I've read negative things here, but I went a few months ago and loved it - I had mostly tapas, which were delicious (not traditional, more modern/reinterpreted) and a lovely octopus salad. My friend had a paella that tasted yummy (also not traditional - I have had a hard time finding good traditional in Manhattan anyway). I thought everything was delicious and the space was really fun.

    1. It is a tad expensive..but if your folks are a fan of Bobby Flay then go for it, otherwise there is better tapas out there..

      1. Thanks for the feedback - I ended up taking my parents there and we enjoyed it. The Paella was excellent - I'll probably go back just for that.

        1. I love this place, as I do with all Bobby Flay's other restaurants (Mesa Grill and Bar Americain). My favorite dish is the lamb shank with ozzo. I also love the flatbread appetizer. But, I like their prix fixe lunch even more. It's a great deal for only $25 for 3 courses. I always go during my work breaks to get the pork sandwich.