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Too lazy to peel one billion baby carrots--ideas?

My husband bought many pounds of these guys from a farmer because they looked cute. Anyone have a recipe where well-scrubbed skins wouldn't be noticeable/detrimental? (I saw someone's adaptation of the Marcella Hazen braised carrots, but I don't have a giant roasting pan.)

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  1. My first thought was to ask if you had a juicer...
    How about carrot soup...
    Mirepoix, to use in another recipe....
    Roasted with other vegetables...
    As one of the ingredients in a soup...

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      Nope, no juicer. My first thought was to roast them, but that seemed so plain. Maybe if I did 'em with shallots?

    2. I just posted a carrot soup recipe in the soup thread. I never peel carrots anymore.

      Do you have a food processor with a shredder blade? You could make a nice, simple carrot salad.

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      1. re: seattledebs

        I never peel carrots either. Especially since I almost always buy organic ones.

        1. Wow, there really is a website for everything...

          I've actually never made a carrot salad before. If the skins wouldn't ruin it, I could certainly try...

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            Carrot salad is delicious. Shredded carrots, North African spices. I have at least 5 recipes (Wolfert, Roden, etc.) Some are sweet and sour.

          2. If you're talking about the Hazan recipe for braised carrots with parmesan, you don't need a roasting pan. I used my Le Creuset dutch oven and it was fine -- basically I think you need a heavy pan that can withstand scorching.

            I wouldn't juice baby carrots -- too precious.

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            1. re: Miss Needle

              Oh, good to know. They're about the size of my pinky; do you think I could do the Hazan recipe without slicing them, or is that integral to the cooking process?

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                You definitely need to slice them, but you don't slice them that thinly, so you should be okay. And I agree that you don't need a large roasting pan, I did them in my big skillet and they were excellent (she says in the recipe to start them in two skillets if one won't hold them all, and then to transfer to one after they shrink).

            2. You can also lightly steam them then add whole to any stir fry.

              1. Let your HUSBAND peel them. Then see how cute he thinks they are.

                FWIW, tho, I don't peel carrots any more...I just scrub them with a stiff brush, and continue with whatever method of cooking I was going to use. The excuse: the peels have a lot of the nutritive value. The real reason: I'm too lazy to peel 'em!

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                1. re: ricepad

                  I never peel them either, I prefer the flavor with the peel on.

                2. You can just buya a pair of "veggie gloves" and do a quick rub under running water.
                  Remember: You can also freeze them and do something like maple glaze them for Thanksgiving.

                  1. ROAST "EM!!!
                    How can you think a roasted carrot is boring...they are so gooood when raoasted!
                    Or just
                    EAT "EM RAW!!!
                    Carrots don't need the bells and whistles...eat em and forget the skins...scrub scrub scrub!

                    1. I never peel baby carrots (especially if organic). Try roasting them with other root veggies, some onions or shallots and garlic (whole cloves left in skin). Salt, pepper, olive oil and maybe some thyme. Great with baby beets, chunks of parsnips, sweet potato, regular potato... I always serve this at Thanksgiving.

                      1. Carrot souffle - they are put in the blender!

                        1. my sister does a glazed carrots recipe on the stove (once cooked, adding butter and peach schnappes). even my husband (who never met a vegetable he really liked) asked for a second helping.

                          1. I just bought a jar of "gourmet baby carrots with herbs and spices". They are packed in vinegar with some garlic, onion, and other stuff. Don't know the process to actually do this (not sure if you have to actually do the canning process or if you can just stick them in a jar full of vinegar), but they sure are tasty to have around. Great garnish for a Bloody Mary too!

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                              Clarkafella, are they the true baby carrots (not the honed down versions)? sounds good. brand name?

                              1. re: alkapal

                                The brand name is Mezzeta- I bought 'em in the pickle section of the store. They were way lower in sodium than most of the stuff there; that is what attracted me to them...