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Oct 12, 2007 02:07 PM

Aurora - Dallas

I just received a $50 gift certificate for Aurora. I've always been curious to try them, but I've heard many conflicting accounts. I was thinking of going for lunch in hopes of not spending too much money. Their website doesn't list prices, so I'm a bit clueless on my chances of keeping it affordable.

Is this possible or worth it?

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  1. For two, food only
    Lunch $70+
    Dinner $100+.
    Send me the coupon if you don't use it! This is a good offer.

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    1. re: Wurzel Gummidge

      Thanks, Wurzel. We''l try it for lunch.

      Any signature dish the chef is known for?

      1. re: Webra1

        I think Wurzel's $ estimate is just a tad conservative. My dinners (not tasting menu) for 2, with 1 reasonable bottle of wine, run $250+. I have not been there for lunch.

        Avner Samuel is a creative chef and does change up the menu once in a while. As for signature elements, look for items carried on both lunch and dinner menus. Looking at the on-line menus, I do remember the caviar service and beet salad still there from my most recent visit, as are the poached lobster and loup de mer.

        Hope you enjoy

        1. re: Webra1

          signature dish? he makes a killer lasagna with meatballs. and don't forget his molten chocolate lava cake with blue bell vanilla ice cream, it's to die for

        2. re: Wurzel Gummidge

          $100 for dinner at Aurora? What are you having, the sorbet?