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Oct 12, 2007 02:05 PM

2 good italian places in boca

i lived in boca raton for many years but moved to miami about 18 months ago. i fondly remember the fish (and special dishes) at sappori in royal palm plaza and the luscious oxtail (among other things) at sapporissimo...has anyone been to either of these places recently? are they still good? i've had the itch to revisit my favorite boca spots!

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  1. We love Saporissimo. Great food, great people. Giancarlo and Ana Maria let us crash a buffet for their Italian friends a couple of months ago and it was quite the experience. Like being at a party at a friends home in Italy. I'd say it's worth the drive from Miami.

    My wife and I have only been to Ristorante Sapori once and thought the food was good but not for the price.

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      where is saporissimo? thanks.

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        It's on Palmetto Park Rd, east of Federal Hwy on the south side next to the Tin Muffin. It's wonderful. Whenever we want to go to mama and papa's (even though they're not much older than us) house for wonderful Italian, we go there.

        It's not inexpensive, but you get so much and they give you Italian liquores afterward.