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recommendations of restaurants not to be missed in Seattle?

We are chowhounds from Toronto and will be visiting Seattle for 4 days in early December We would like recommendations for restaurants that we should not miss. We love vegetarian food, fish, Asian.... and anything that is just delicious. We are not interested in steak houses or restaurants whose specialty is meat. We will be staying downtown...
We would be greatful for your help.

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  1. Tamarind Tree or Green Leaf (many posts here) for Vietnamese.
    Pho Cyclo for pho. or maybe Pho Bac.
    Malay Satay Hut for a huge Malaysian menu.
    Elliott's Oyster House oyster Happy Hour.

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      I'd take the cab ride to Ray's Boathouse, maybe 20 minutes from downtown. It has a fantastic wine list with wines from the Northwest region, and outstanding seafood, much of it caught locally. The view of the Puget Sound is beautiful. This can be your big dining experience.

      But there's also a less-expensive cafe with microbrews from the area, as well as seafood, if you'd rather go casual.


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        Strongly second the recommendation for Green Leaf and Malay Satay Hut, which are both quite vegetarian friendly. Elliott's is super for oysters, but I'd go elsewhere for other seafood.

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          Thank you, PAO, quite right about the elsewhere. Would you recommend Etta's? (Unfortunately, I've never been there).

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            Etta's is a good bet for casual NW seafood. Great crabcakes and a great weekend brunch menu. If you're an oyster fan, Shucker's in the Fairmont Olympic is as good (if not better than Elliott's). Their popcorn shrimp is to die for (they use chopped rock shrimp, instead of the usual bay shrimp).

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              Thank you - I often enjoyed the catfish or tuna sandwiches at Matt's, too, pre-remodel. Do they still feature a huge and hilarious line-up of oddball hot-sauces to go with?

      2. Nishino for Japanese is really great. My wife and I both love it and the chawan mushi is excellent. It's been one of our favorites since our first visit.

        1. Chiso's new sushi bar that just opened up would be a unique experience. There are only 10 seats. It's called Kappo and Taichi Kitamura is a great Chef.

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            I heard Kappo is omakase only, right?

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              right, $100 pp for sashimi, some cooked items (such as chawanmushi, razor clam (when available), true Wagyu beef, etc), sushi, dessert...beautiful spot, a bit reminiscent of Urasawa in L.A. but not up to that rarified level (or price point) yet

          2. Ethiopian or Eritrean food is strong locally, and often overlooked as a vegetarian option for visitors. How about Meskel, Dahlak, or the more centrally located Pan-Africa Market?

            1. I recently just got back from Seattle and have to say our two favorite meals were Nishino's (amazing Japanese food) and matt's in the market (salmon blt sandwich, yum!!!)

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                i like the crab BLT at 94 Stewart even more than the salmon BLT at Matt's

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                  I just discovered a love for Salmon BLT's and clubs- my first experience was at Hattie's Hat in Ballard when we were exploring dives and seattle established restaurants.

                2. Dear Snoobie:
                  Not sure if you will be visiting Seattle for the first time. I am assuming it is, and my recommendations are more in the lines of places -- to visit for a near complete seattle food experience.
                  I guess you have pike's place on your agenda. @ pike's:
                  1. Daily Dozen Doughnut Company, 93 Pike Street, Suite 7, Seattle, WA 98101-2052. --There is a serpentine queue for the mini doughnuts on weekends, so get in the line as fast as U can.
                  2. Matt's in the market - nice lunch place.
                  3. There is a Mediterranean shop for schwarma's and other goodies and the food there is great too. You can get it to go and walk around pike's. (Sorry, I don't remember the name - It is on the same strip as Le Panier).
                  4. Le Panier - is my favorite French bakery, anything that looks good, tastes good.
                  5. Piroshky, Piroshky – for Russian goodies. (Anthony Bourdain was here for his NW segment of No Reservations). The Piroshky is not so great IMHO, but it is a good eat nevertheless.
                  For seafood: Ray's boathouse, Crab Pot (munch on crab with a bib). I would not recommend Elliot's.
                  In the International District: For Vietnamese: Tamarind Tree, Green Leaf. If you cannot decide between the two, I’d choose Green Leaf. For pho – try Pho Bac near the Wing Luke Asian Museum. 415 7th Ave S Seattle, WA 98104. There are other Pho Bac’s , but this is the one to try.
                  Chinese: Jade Garden for dumplings, 7 Stars pepper Szechuan Restaurant (Dan Dan noodles, fried rice, Szechuan crab, house-special pancake, chong gin hot chicken). For dessert, "A piece of cake" is a good chinese bakery stop.
                  Malay Satay Hut.
                  Nishino for Sushi. A bit expensive (depends on how one looks at it).
                  Le Carta de Oaxaca for Mexican.
                  Hope this helps, Enjoy your stay in Seattle.