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Oct 12, 2007 01:52 PM

Good baguette

You know what I mean. Where can I get one?

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  1. Fox & Obel
    401 E. Illinois St.

    Medici Bakery
    1331 E. 57th St.

    Bennison's Bakeries
    1000 Davis St.
    Evanston, IL

    (Also available at Pastoral on Broadway)


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    1. re: Erik M

      Mmm... All this talk of baguettes is making me hungry. I should check these places out. Has anyone, by any chance, been to BreadBar in LA?

    2. Best place for any baked goods including baguettes are from Red Hen Bakery in Bucktown / Wicker Park and on Division in Lincoln Park. They are also at the Lincoln Park Farmers Market on Saturdays in the summer. I love the cinnamon scones too.

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      1. re: gmwalker

        Give Flourish Bakery Cafe a try. I love the ciabatta the best, although the baguettes and sesame seminola are great. In terms of breakfast, the ham and cheese croissants are amazing.

        1. re: Katherine_84f

          Thanks for the recommendations, I'll have to give these a try. The bast baguette I've found so far is actually from Stanley's market on North and Elston. I'm not sure who supplies them though.
          thanks again.

      2. I'm a Red Hen detractor esp. the baguettes. They've never done it for me despite the raves. I do however enjoy Bennison's mentioned at the top. Unfortunately, I've found them hard to come by in the city outside of a limited presence at the farmer's markets(which are about done with anyway).

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        1. re: aelph

          Like I said above, Bennison's baguettes are available at Pastoral on Broadway. They take delivery of a par-baked product from the bakery each day and finish them off in the shop.

          Anyway, I'm with you on Red Hen's baguette.
          It's an entirely underwhelming product.

          2945 N. Broadway


          1. re: Erik M


            good to know about Pastoral

            1. re: aelph

              Pastoral now has a second location (not sure when it opens) at 53 E. Lake in the Loop.

        2. The baguettes at Fox and Obel are far and away the best I've had in Chicago. They are a french style baguette while the offerings at Stanleys are generally Italian. Try one, but eat it ASAP. A good baguette only has about an 8 hour life span.