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Oct 12, 2007 01:34 PM

Christmas dinner on the Big Island

We'll be in (and on) Hawaii for the first time over Christmas this year. Looking for someplace to eat Christmas dinner, hopefully not too far from Volcano. Price is not a problem. Does anyone know of anything that will be open? All I've heard so far is that except for the big Kohala and Kona resorts, everything is closed that night.

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  1. can pretty much repeat what was said about Thanksgiving. If nothing is open in Volcano, then Hilo would be your best bet/closest "city". The Kilauea Lodge website says open every evening... but reservations may be an issue by now.



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      FYI, Kilauea Lodge is not open that night. We're still looking. Have a backup reservation at Huggo's, but don't really want to drive that far.

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        sorry to hear that, thanks for the info. I've been to Huggos a couple of times and enjoyed it, but it is a LONG way from Volcano. Going around south point is only marginally shorter. Once they finish the new road, it will be shorter to go down to Hilo and over the Saddle, but not yet.

    2. Hey,
      I am from Kansas and we are going to be looking for a good place for Christmas Dinner on the big island also. This is our fist Hawaii trip also. We are going over the holidays to scope out the big island and oahu because we are moving to one or the other in one year. One more Kansas winter in my life and then next fall we will be moving. No..we are not rich...and we are not retiring...we will be getting jobs over there and making it our new home. Anyway...we are like you...needing a good place for Christmas dinner. I have done a lot of research on all of Hawaii, and from what I know of Volcano...it is a smaller town area...so it would not surprise me if there was not any place major open. That is going to be the case basically in all areas of most states on Chrstmas Day. That pretty much will leaves the major tourist areas...which on the big island are going to be the Kona coast region or the other side of the island in Hilo. Both areas will have major resorts that will most likely be having Christmas Day ''Brunches''. You said you are looking for someplace to eat ''that night''. Surely you must mean earlier in the day...such as you would see for ''brunch'' buffets...which can be very, very nice in quality resorts. I would say reservations would still be a good thing to arrange...but I have traveled extensively during peak holiday times ...and nice ''brunches'' are usually able to seat people without reservations. As an alternative to a brunch, I would suggest trying to find a Chrstmas Day Luau. I just know I did not spell that right and all the Hawaiian's are laughing...but you know what I mean, I hope. The native Hawaiian thing they do near sundown...the luau...the thing with the hula dancers...fire dances....etc. I have heard that the Hilton in the Kona area has very nice ones...and I think they are every evening and it would not surprise me if they do a special on on Christmas Day ...and I am sure reservations would be need for that. Anyway...let me know if you find any good suggestions...because we are sort of ''wingin it". But ...I would try what I suggested and check out major resorts in Kona or Hilo. Remember...you don't have to stay places to eat there. Myself...we are going to look into the luau thing. I could do one of them every night I am in Hawaii and it will be fine with me. Happy Thanksging and maybe we will see you in Hawaii. I would say look for the fat guy in the Hawaiian shirt...but I don't think that will help identify me. We are really getting excited about going!

      1. Hello,
        It is me again and I now know how to properly spell the ''luau thing''...is it luau.I was close. Anyway...did find a good place...and it IS open on Chrsitmas Eve AND Chrstmas day/evening. Go online and search for ''Island Breeze Luau''. This is good..you will like it!!!!!! It is expensive...but it may be just what you are hoping for.

        1. decided driving over to Kona was too much for that evening. We're going to just eat in the park, Volcano House is open that night.

          1. Maybe Cafe Pesto in Hilo? I've only had dinner there once, but lunch there often and am usually very happy.