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Tart Apples and Honeycrisps

I love tart apples like Granny Smiths. I have read that Granny Smiths generally grow in more southerly locations. Are there any varieties I should look at that are tart and grown in Ontario? And if yes, what are they and where can I get them?

Also, I bit into my first Honeycrisp apple last weekend. Sweeter than a Granny Smith, but still a bit of tartness and OMG, the crunchy texture in unbelievable. Where can I get these? Extra points if I can get them at a place other than a supermarket.


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  1. high park organic market!!

    open from 9am-6pm. got my first honeycrisps there.

    edit: on saturdays it has those hours... otherwise it's also open on thurs and fri but i dont' know the hours.

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    1. My standby is the Empire - grown mostly in Ontario and New York state. Also crispy and sweet-tart. The earlier ones are more tart.
      Available 'almost everywhere' - and cheap too!

      1. I too was just introduced to Honeycrisps, I must've eaten my weight in apples over the last 2 weeks! I got them at the Liberty Village farmers market on a Sunday morning...will be there for only a few more weeks...

        1. I bought them at Cricklewood Farm near Brighton, when I went apple-picking a couple of weeks ago. They didn't have them for you-pick, but they were in the shop. They also have some other experimental varieties that are similar, but unnamed as of yet.

          1. Honeycrisp apples are my favourite!! I bought some at Pusateri's at Avenue & Lawrence. The ones they have are huge. I've also bought some smaller ones in past years at the chain supermarkets.

            Stock up as they store very well in the crisper in your fridge. I've also made applesauce from them and that is delicious too!

            1. I love Russetts. they are only available for a short time. They are a small greeny-brown apple with a rough texture, not very pretty, but they taste great. Check around for them.

              1. The Apple guy on the north east side at the North St. Lawrence Market had honeycrisps a couple of weeks ago. I know they are only available for a short time so get them while you can!

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                  I live in Markham and I do believe they sell them at the Village Grocer in Unionville. It is located at Kennedy and Carlton.

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                    They had lots of Honeycrisp apples at Loblaws today (Dupont & Christie) I believe they were $1.99 a pound but I'm not totally sure about the price. I bought Empire's so I really wasn't paying that much attention.

                2. Several vendors at St. Lawrence Market north had Honeycrisps today. After hearing so much about them, I bought my first bunch today. I was disappointed with the taste, too reminiscent of red delicious for my liking and there was a very odd pre/post taste that I couldn't identify. Given all the hype, it was a real let down.

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                    Funny... I've had the same reaction. I even tried buying them from different farmers at the various markets, thinking that the unique terroir of the farms might have made a difference.

                    They're decently good, and I'd mark them higher than a Mac or a Spartan, but they definitely don't knock my socks off. As you say, too reminiscent of a Red Delicious.

                    I've been ruined forever by the Gingergolds.

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                      Wow ... I can't believe the different tastebud reactions. Personally I love honeycrisps and don't think they're anything like Red Delicious, which I dislike and never eat.

                      I've gotten my honeycrisps from Applewood Farm in Stouffville. Maybe I've been lucky?

                  2. Happened to pick up some Honeycrisp's today at Chudleigh's farm on Hwy 25 in Milton. Fresh off the tree... they're fantastic!

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                      I've been getting very nice organic honeycrisps at the organic produce place downstairs in St. Lawrence market. (You'd think I'd know their name since I shop there every week... but nope. They're right beside the fresh squeezed juice place and the caviar place.)

                    2. The Fortino's near McMaster in Hamilton.
                      They've been my favourite for the past few years.

                      1. For those east of Toronto, Algoma Orchards in Whitby have Honeycrisps which are crisp and sweet. I'm currently enjoying my quarter bushel of them as they do keep rather well in the vegetable crisper in the fridge...mighty tasty apple. You can purchase them by weight or by the basket...

                        1. Lots of honeycrisps at the East York farners' market Tuesday mornings.