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Oct 12, 2007 12:58 PM

Place for after work fun

I've recently moved to Austin, and I'm a huge CH so I'm dying to try all the places I've seen talked about here that I haven't been to yet. Unfortunetly, I'm single and don't have any friends here yet. So, I'm thinking that I could go to places that have "happy hour" type atmospheres, but still awesome food.. basically a place where someone eating alone wouldn't feel out of place. I'd love to try Chez Nous, but it sounds like a place where there are a lot of couples or groups sitting at tables, I would feel out of place. But, somewhere I could sit at a bar, where other people where coming in sitting at the bar, maybe congretating for after work drinks, I think I would be more comfortable.

So, where are the bars with fab chowhound food?

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  1. Any specific location you had in mind? You mentioned Chez Nous. Are you looking for places downtown?

    1. It's not a bar, but you would not feel out of place eating alone at Little City, on Congress Ave. There are tables outside perfect for one person. Food is coffeehouse fare--good sandwiches. I love the poet's platter of bread, cheese, fruit, and spreads (including an "eh" pesto). But the reason I thought of this today was because I recommended their cupcakes on another thread--crumbly and good.

      1. Great food, great atmosphere, half price appetizers in the bar area only until 7...
        The Roaring Fork on Congress Ave.

        I would recommend the Mini Lambs Chops Fondue or the Fish Tacos. The Made to Order Guacamole is also pretty darn good.

        1. I go to lunch at Chez Nous alone all the time, and never feel out of place; they have a number of small tables just right for one or two. It's more crowded in the evenings, but I don't think you'd feel too out of place. If you do, go to a bar and have a couple of stiff ones first, and you won't even notice... I suggest Lovejoy's.

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            I've lived here over a year and while I don't have many close friends I eat wherever I feel like going. It's difficult to feel out of place in Austin and you'll see more people doing the same thing. And it's a great way to meet people. I think I'm getting to the point where I prefer solo dining(at times) so as not to interupt all the flavors. This town is cut out for singles.

          2. I also go to Chez Nous alone all the time. Never felt uncomfortable. In fact I cannot think of an Austin restaurant where I felt uncomfortable dining alone. I agree with crippstom - no way you would feel out of place anywhere.