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Place for after work fun

I've recently moved to Austin, and I'm a huge CH so I'm dying to try all the places I've seen talked about here that I haven't been to yet. Unfortunetly, I'm single and don't have any friends here yet. So, I'm thinking that I could go to places that have "happy hour" type atmospheres, but still awesome food.. basically a place where someone eating alone wouldn't feel out of place. I'd love to try Chez Nous, but it sounds like a place where there are a lot of couples or groups sitting at tables, I would feel out of place. But, somewhere I could sit at a bar, where other people where coming in sitting at the bar, maybe congretating for after work drinks, I think I would be more comfortable.

So, where are the bars with fab chowhound food?

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  1. Any specific location you had in mind? You mentioned Chez Nous. Are you looking for places downtown?

    1. It's not a bar, but you would not feel out of place eating alone at Little City, on Congress Ave. There are tables outside perfect for one person. Food is coffeehouse fare--good sandwiches. I love the poet's platter of bread, cheese, fruit, and spreads (including an "eh" pesto). But the reason I thought of this today was because I recommended their cupcakes on another thread--crumbly and good.

      1. Great food, great atmosphere, half price appetizers in the bar area only until 7...
        The Roaring Fork on Congress Ave.

        I would recommend the Mini Lambs Chops Fondue or the Fish Tacos. The Made to Order Guacamole is also pretty darn good.

        1. I go to lunch at Chez Nous alone all the time, and never feel out of place; they have a number of small tables just right for one or two. It's more crowded in the evenings, but I don't think you'd feel too out of place. If you do, go to a bar and have a couple of stiff ones first, and you won't even notice... I suggest Lovejoy's.

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            I've lived here over a year and while I don't have many close friends I eat wherever I feel like going. It's difficult to feel out of place in Austin and you'll see more people doing the same thing. And it's a great way to meet people. I think I'm getting to the point where I prefer solo dining(at times) so as not to interupt all the flavors. This town is cut out for singles.

          2. I also go to Chez Nous alone all the time. Never felt uncomfortable. In fact I cannot think of an Austin restaurant where I felt uncomfortable dining alone. I agree with crippstom - no way you would feel out of place anywhere.

            1. Not for after work, but for breakfast and coffee, there's a community table at the Upper Crust bakery. It's pretty easy to start up a conversation there.

              1. I think you should try ZTejas on 6th St. or the Arboretum. They have some of my favorite margaritas and some interesting appetizers. I've never eaten at Zaks Pints and Plates near Barton and Riverside but the atmosphere is nice and I've read where they have good appetizers. Another one is the Belmont. It may seem snooty but the same folks go to the same places at one time or another. Good HH prices on drinks. San Saba in the warehouse district is pretty cool. And I've been meaning to try Milagra(I think that is the name in same area) for some tapas.

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                  I really like Dona Emilia's. Good food, very nice atmosphere. If Chez Nous is your kind of place, I think you will like it as well.

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                    I think you are referring to Saba Blue Water Cafe (didn't care for the food the one time I went) and Malaga (can be hit or miss, I have had very good and very bad food experiences there).