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Oct 12, 2007 12:45 PM

Good Eats in Aurora?

Anyone know of any good places to eat, cheap or expensive, in the Aurora area? Whenever it's time to get take out, we have to travel either to Richmond Hill or Newmarket to get decent food.

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  1. Hi demeen,
    I live here but am no expert--but check out website under Aurora for some ideas..Joia to me is hit and miss, Graystones not too bad, Baldwin's pretty good. I'm willing to try Aqua and Wellington's, and Chinook has been recommended.

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    1. re: Wiley

      I love Chinook on Wellington Street (Wendy's/Tim Horton's Plaza)

      They have good takeout.

    2. It's been a long time since I was up that way, but the best Thai I've ever had was in Aurora in a place called the Thai Orchid. The decor is was a bit... odd, but the food and service were both excellent.

      1. We really like Tuptim Thai, on Mulock just at the corner of Steven. The BEST hot n sour soup!

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        1. re: Lipant

          Agree 100%, my wife and I eat/order out all the time at Tuptim. By far the best Hot and Sour Soup around! More Hot than sour...., a perfect combination. The Thai BBQ beef is great too!

          1. I previously lived in Richmond Hill and ventured to Aurora once in a while, Chinook - yes. Baldwin's - no. Aw Shucks - had a few oysters/drink seatings - nice. We now live in Stouffville and have been to Aurora for some great Thai - across from Orchid Thai --> Thai spring roll. Slower service....because everything is fresh! Great food!