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Liquid smoke?

I enjoy vegetarian cooking and recently had a great experience at Re-bar Modern Food on an otherwise cold and dreary day in Victoria. The food was so cosy and delish that I purchased the restaurant's cookbook and am now replicating the recipes at home.

Several of the recipes call for liquid smoke. Does anyone know where to find it in Toronto? My "sensitive new age sloppy joes" of tofu and pinto beans were pretty tasty without it, but it sounds like it would be a fun ingredient to experiment with.

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  1. I usually buy liquid smoke at Loblaws. They should have it in the aisle with the marinades and sauces.

    1. You can get liquid smoke anywhere. Also, note that liquid smoke actually IS condensed liquid smoke, it's not some chemically flavoured artificial thing.

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          Wow, why are people so opposed to liquid smoke? If anything, commercial liquid smoke is healthier for you than "natural" smoke since they filter out the carcinogens!! All you have to remember is DON'T USE TOO MUCH!! A splash is all you will ever need. I am surprised there are a lot of people here who think that liquid smoke is made artificially with chemicals.

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            I know..... My theory is that people think it's artificial. They have not done their homework.

            I can remember my father using it waaaaayyyy back in the 50's even though we had an outdoor built-in brick barbecue oven on the patio. Personally,
            I prefer the outdoor spur of the moment taste.... but apparently Liquid Smoke is perfectly good to use.

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              Also, be careful not to spill or -- worse -- break the bottle...

          2. a dab of liquid smoke in red lentils stewed down, is really ymm

            1. Liquid smoke is available almost everywhere. Most brands are actually just distilled natural smoke. You can even get different varieties - hickory and mesquite are the most widely available, but you'll find more types available online.

              I doubt that it's "good" for our bodies, but it is likely more benign than genuinely smoked food. It isn't some kind of weird lab creation. I have two major caveats:

              - The appropriate quantities of liquid smoke in any recipe are tiny, tinier, and tiniest. More than a trace is overwhelming.

              - Unlike real smoke, liquid smoke has no ability to preserve food.

              1. How strange that I haven't been able to find it.

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                  You should be able to find it in any grocery store where the spices are displayed. I've seen it at Loblaws and Sobeys.

                  1. re: 5andman

                    Thanks, I was checking near the sauces and marinades only. Will return to the spice section. Once I find it I will post the specific location.

                    1. re: basileater

                      if i see it i see it... but can't say it's necessarily in the same places with each type of grocer. for the most part i recall it in bbq sauce sections.

                      i've definitely seen it at no frills and price chopper as well... it more so depends on if they've got it in stock or not.

                      1. re: pinstripeprincess

                        I bought Mesquite liquid smoke at a Price Chopper. It was in the Tex-Mex area. It is very strong, and I rarely use it, but if I did, just a drop or two.

                  2. re: basileater

                    I've looked at a couple of Loblaws in the spice / extracts sections and I've never seen it, either. I had given up, but I'm going to take a peek again next time I'm there.

                    1. re: vorpal

                      Have you treated Dominion? I haven't looked for it lately, but I KNOW I have seen it there. I would recommend checking out the larger stores because they have the room to stock less trafficked items.

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                        I don't have any Dominions in my neighbourhood, but I do pass by some frequently on my commutes. I'll drop in and check next time I'm near one! Thanks for the tip.

                        1. re: vorpal

                          in fact I have never seen liquid smoke in Canada.

                          1. re: phylao

                            Loblaws definitely has it at some locations. With the sauces, not the spices, last i saw (a couple of months ago).

                    2. re: basileater

                      Hi, they don't sell it at vegan places, try a regular supermarket.

                      1. I bought it at Cajun Corner a coupla years back.

                        1. I have seen it TONS of places, but BOUGHT it just last week at Sobey's near the Ontario Food Terminal and intersection of Queensway/Parklawn. They must have had 30 bottles on the top shelf where they keep steak sauces and marinades.

                          1. Seems to be an NG(Loblaws, Fortino's, NoFrills)staple in the westend GTA stores. Another alternative that's less overpowering is Spanish smoked paprika(sweet or hot)--La Chinata is the most common brand. Might be better in your Sloppy Joes than the "Liquid 2x4."

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                              What does a bottle of "LIQUID SMOKE" sell for?

                              1. re: fruglescot

                                Both Natural Hickory and Mesquite were $3.99 per 150 ML bottle
                                Product of Canada Westminister BC at Loblaws SS

                            2. Bought some Thurs. night at Dominion at Vic. Park & Ellesmere. $4.69 for a 150 ml bottle. It was in the mustard & ketchup aisle. They only had Hickory flavour tho, and yes a little dab will do you.

                              1. Liquid Smoke is one of those oddball items that most grocers carry, but never really has a set home on the shelf, areas to try include the ethnic cooking sauces, hot sauces, spices, and seafood section. Or ask the grocery manager where they have hidden it.

                                1. old post, i know but still useful. I just bought liquid smoke from the Loblaws at North York Centre. It was in the condiments aisle. They had hickory and mesquite varities. I bought the mesquite because it was on sale ($2.79 i think). I checked No Frills but couldn't find it.


                                  1. As "NewCanuck" suggested, I found liquid smoke at Sobey's, on Queensway just east of Parklawn. aisle 8 beside the hot sause.

                                    1. got mine from a health food store on augusta in kensington market. you only need a drop or two at most because the stuff is really strong!

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                                        Found it with the Worchestercshire sauce this weekend at Loblaws Superstore. I use it in home made burgers all the time.. a little dab will do you.

                                      2. Fiesta Farms at the front of the international aisle

                                        Fiesta Farms
                                        200 Christie St, Toronto, ON M6G, CA