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Oct 12, 2007 12:35 PM

South: local concord grapes source?

Last year, in at least two branches, Whole Foods had some of the best concord grapes I've ever tasted. Alas, this year, concords from California and Pennsylvania. The ones I'm longing for were packaged in white paper bags, about two pounds per. Would anyone know where they were from? I live in Atlanta-- hoping they were from nearby. I'd drive a good ways for those grapes. They were that good.

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  1. I have seen them at the local produce stands here in Asheville.

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    1. re: WNCfoodie

      Just out of curiosity I'd love to know who's they are-- any idea?

      1. re: alias wade

        I saw them at the produce stand in oteen, just past the blue ridge parkway, on tunnel road, on the right hand side (heading toward black mountain) near the go-kart track. Same produce stand has great local meats and great deals on potatoes (10 lb 1.50).

    2. Super H Mart had huge boxes of concord grapes for sale last weekend. Dekalb Farmers Market (where I usually shop) has had them, but I don't buy them myself (preferring local muscadines and scuppernongs) so can't comment on the quality, or whether they may be local or not.

      1. I think they are gone for this year, but slightly closer than Ashville is Perdue Mountain Fruit Farm, at the corner of Hwy 11 and Tigerville Rd.(a few miles east of Hwy 25) in Northern Greenville SC.

        He not only has Concords, but he has a seed-free concord type grape that I really enjoyed this year.