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Oct 12, 2007 12:33 PM

Good Eats Near Storm King Mt?

Going to Storm King Mountain Art Center tomorrow in Mountainville, NY with a friend and would love to get some delicious Hudson Valley fare in a casual setting (we'll be out in the fields looking at art all day beforehand). Any suggestions?

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  1. Painters in Cornwall is good for burgers and such and is 10 min. from Storm King:
    If you feel like travelling about 20 min try:
    It's a little more upscale but it may be the "Hudson Valley" experience you are looking for.

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      We just went to Painter's a few weeks ago and enjoyed ourselves-- I don't think I'd call it "hudson valley fare," but it is cute and the food was good-- some things better than others. They had end of season beer for $2!!, and my warm goat cheese salad was delicious, and the "Isabella's shells" entree (shells with pink sauce and sausage) was great. It's very casual.