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Oct 12, 2007 12:27 PM

Gage & Tollner's space

Crain's NY Business is reporting that Amy Ruth's has signed a lease for the Gage & Tollner space. I've never eaten at the one uptown, but the menu sure looks yummy!

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  1. Great news -- a new and different option in the neighborhood. Chowhounders seem to like the Harlem location ( This will almost have to be a world of improvement over the TGI Friday's that left that space.

    p.s. - More confirmation from the Brooklyn Eagle (

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      I have eaten at the uptown place and enjoyed it very much. Could not be more different than TGI Friday's, or, I imagine, Gage & Tollner. I can't imagine how totally awful a TGI Fridays has to be to fail, as, as far as I know, those places don't usually fail, whether or not it's considered good food by hounds.

    2. Fantastic!! Amy Ruth's is a classic, and I'm excited to eat in the Gage and Tollner space. I looked inside a couple of times, but never ate there. I hope people go there--it's sort of a weird location (which i suspect led to the failure of the TGIF). I certainly will.

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        In fact, in the 1990's when Peter Aschkenasy owned G & T, he hired Edna Lewis the famed southern chef to run the kitchen. I would guess that the menu was not that different from that at Amy Ruth's, although it was probably somewhat more sophisticated. In any case, the interior landmarked space with its 36 gaslights is just a pleasure to be in. Even with the last owner (the same owner as Marco Polo), we always enjoyed our occasional meal there. Really looking forward to this decent reuse of this space (TGIF made me gag). We'll surely be there within the first weeks after its opening.

      2. I just heard about this the other day and was really excited. I love their Honey Dipped Fried Chicken, but hate schlepping up to Harlem.

        I'm so glad to have a reason to go to this old landmark. I passed by it a million times as a kid and never once ate at G&T.

        ::::::::::clay williams:::

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          I don't know anything about Amy Ruth's. Could someone fill me in??

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            It's a Harlem Soul Food spot that has made a bit of a name for itself. It's known for its Fried Chicken. I heard they had a take-out place in midtown, but I'm not sure where or what it's called. Their web site is


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              Thanks UC! Always on the lookout for good fried chicken.