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Oct 12, 2007 12:18 PM

Great Ethnic Places

My 20-something son is going to be in Denver for a couple of days next week, and is looking for stellar, inexpensive ethnic places. He particularly likes Indian, Lebanese, Vietnamese, Cuban, and Mexican. All suggestions much appreciated!

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  1. For Cuban I would highly recommend Cuba Cuba downtown. Is there a specific area of the city he's going to be in?

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    1. re: RobynS

      He's going on business, and doesn't yet know where he's going to be staying.

    2. Oh, have I got recs for you! Indian - the best is Sherpa's Adventurers in Boulder, but India House downtown is good. Lebanese - Damascus near Colorado Blvd/ Iliff is the best, and I've been to every middle eastern restaurant around. Technically their style is Syrian, but it is fab. Vietnamese - New Saigon near Federal/Alameda is the best in the city. Cuban - this is one cuisine that Denver lacks for the most part. Cuba Cuba is your best bet. Mexican - Rosa Linda's in the Highlands neighborhood is good. One of the few places around that serves cactus.

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        My kids love to eat at affordable ethnic restaurants around Denver! I will list a few of our favorites:

        (1)For great middle eastern food I have to second Damascus. It has platters which feature hummus, baba ghanouj and assorted meats and kabobs. Their atmosphere is deceiving - tired on the outside but once inside it is fun and inviting. Damascus Restaurant. Address: 2276 S Colorado Blvd. Denver, CO, 80222, USA. Phone: (303) 757-3515.

        (2) Japanese- DOMO - 1365 Osage St., Denver, CO 80204, 303-595-3666This spot is wonderful because it is not your typical sushi/ teriyaki chicken spot. It offers authentic country cuisine with a Zen garden and Japanese log decor. The food comes with seven side dishes that are all fantastic. You will love the food and the dining area - great ambiance.

        (3) African/Ethiopian - - this is a good centrally located spot for a deliciously spiced authentic meal.

        As for Mexican - this town has so many great spots it is really a matter of location!

        Enjoy your son's visit!!!