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fried green tomatoes?!?

While cider-tasting yesterday, we spotted a big basket of the farm's green tomatoes and grabbed up quite a few. Now we're going to invite some friends over to (no kidding) watch the movie, which is one of my all-time favorites, and serve fried green tomatoes!

I know to slice them, salt/pepper them, and then dip in milk-flour-egg. Question: For the outer layer -- bread crumbs or cornmeal?? Which tastes more scrumptious? I think I'll go for cornmeal b/c I want to try it and I think the texture would be more unusual. Oh, and I'm going to fry in bacon fat (YAY!)

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  1. I prefer cornmeal, or a mixture of cornmeal and rice flour. I've only once had them fried in bacon fat, but it is an ethereal experience. Mmm. Can I come over? :)

    1. I had excellent fried green tomatoes crusted with polenta the other day. They were stacked on top of each other with a caramelized onion chutney-type sauce in between. It was amazing!

      1. Don't forget a sauce for the top! A traditional remoulade can be nice, but I like a spicy, garlicky warm fresh tomato sauce.

        1. Cornmeal mixed with flour is my standard. Mostly cornmeal though. And bacon drippings are a must!
          I had some recently at the Oliver Hardy street Fest in Harlem, Georgia and they were so heavily coated in a tempura type batter and you couldn't taste or appreciate that there was even a tomato slice under it. What a shame :(
          No sauce needed for me.

          1. http://www.progressivefarmer.com/tabi...

            That is supposedly the recipe from the Irondale Cafe outside Birmingham, AL, which is the basis for the whistle stop cafe.

            1. Ditto on mixing in some flour. Just as good as green tomatoes are squash and zuchini. I never do one without the other.
              You can also do a fried green tomatoe benedict. Good stuff!!!

              1. I dip the egg covered thick slice of tomato into a 50/50 mixture of bread crumbs and parmesan (with lots of garlic and salt and pepper) - perhaps because cornmeal isn't that common an ingredient in Canada - it's delicious!

                1. Agree with the cornmeal and rice flour...makes them nice and crispy. I also add a little bacon fat...makes a good gravy!

                  1. i do a blend of fine cornmeal and flour. had some recently with panko as well. Nice and crrriispy! aioli is good with them (talk about fusion cooking!)

                    1. My grandmother who was a share-cropper farmer only cooked what she could grow or raise. Fried green tomatoes were my favorite dish she ever cooked, and she cooked a lot of good ones. She sliced them very thin, where most restaurants I get them at slice them thick. I much prefer thin. She did the buttermilk and seasoned flour. No cornmeal or bread crumbs. Of course they were always fried in lard or bacon drippings. (Vegetable oil, what's that? : ) I have tried to duplicate this many times and always come up just a little short, because hers had that extra ingredient, LOTS OF LOVE!!! Oh the memories : )