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Oct 12, 2007 11:59 AM

Advice for Sun and Moon, East Providence

I've heard great things about Sun and Moon in East Providence. Really excited to go check it out. For anyone who has gone, do you know how busy it is on Saturday evening. We're planning to go with a party of 5, 2 of whom are not known for waiting patiently when asked to do so.

Also - any dishes in particular that stand out as total standouts?

And finally - is it still BYOB?

Thanks for any info!


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  1. Been a few times. It's small (20 seats?) so can fill up quickly. Advice would be to go early and to have a backup. Tell the owner or any of the staff its your first time and they will be happy to make suggestions. Plates are smallish so with a group of 5 you'll get to try a number of things. The short ribs are the bomb!

    1. they've expanded into the tattoo parlor that used to be next door and have more seating - gone are the two-seater diner booths. and when i went two or three weeks ago they only had a few beers available and were still allowing people to bring their own liquor.