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Apr 10, 2006 03:14 PM

Korean BBQ in Santa Rosa

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Noticed a new Korean BBQ place on 4th street (next to NY Pizza) Didn't have time to stop. Has anyone been?

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  1. The place you're referring to is Nhabee Cafe. I've been there twice and enjoyed both visits alot. I've tried the Bulgogi and the Kal-Kuksu and both were excellent and extremely reasonably priced. The restaurant is owned by two sisters who make everything (including the noodles) from scratch. They are both very sweet and have always asked for feedback on their food. It's a great addition to the Santa Rosa dining scene!

    Nhabee Cafe
    913 4th St.
    Santa Rosa

    1. Yes, it's the best. I've tried a number of items on the menu. I've been going back at least once a week for the past few months. Great food, all homemade. Because of this, it takes a little longer to get your food during peak lunch and dinner hours. The owners are really great, and quite a kick in the pants.

      1. I tried it last month for dinner and it's okay. The 7 panchan were not that tasty. The grilled meat entree plates come with salad, "potstickers", and "savory mung bean pancake", and rice (either white or mixed grains). The vegetarian potstickers were tasteless and the mung bean pancake was the definition of bland. I did like the spicy cabbage salad very much with its sesame highlights and balanced heat --- I wonder why the rest of the food is so timid? The beef ribs had a nice marinade that wasn't too sweet and let the natural flavor of the meat shine through. The grilling was competent, but not over wood.

        The hostess, who's the sister of the owner, was great even though very harried during the soft opening period. I just wish the food had more oomph. I'll be back to try the noodles.



        1. The original comment has been removed
          1. Nhabee is closed. A new Ethiopean restaurant expects to open in the space at the beginning of February. Phone number and address are the same.