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Oct 12, 2007 11:49 AM

Catering a Sheva Brachot in Brooklyn

I'm looking for a reasonably priced place to order kabbobs, falafel, salatim etc from for a sheva brachot in brooklyn. any suggestions?

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  1. Try Kosher Delight on Avenue J. They have some Israeli style food. Their NYC location has schwarma, falafel, etc.

    1. Have you priced Olympic Pita, or Pita Off the Corner? Both have large selections of salads, not just the usual hummus/babaganoush/israeli

      1. I went to a Sheva Brachot at Island Grill that was phenominal - don't know how "reasonably" priced it is.

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          There are plenty of places in Brooklyn that have good Israeli food such as those already named (Island Grill, Olympic Pita, etc). Jerusalem Steakhouse could be an option as well. I didn't recommend these because they are not cheap. For salads, dips, and pita, Sababa Bakery on Kings Highway would probably be a good reasonably priced choice. Maybe they can recommend a caterer/restaurant that will provide the falafel and meat dishes.

          1. re: jeterfan

            I suggested pricing them, because for a large take-away order they may be much cheaper than just buying one order of something.

            1. re: zsero

              Someone recently posted that a new Israeli restaurant opened in Brooklyn. Perhaps this restaurant will have good reasonable catering prices. I personally would go down Kings Highway between Coney Island Avenue & McDonald Avenue and price the various Israeli places in that stretch (if its worth shlepping around)..