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Arlington-Little Known Places

Does anyone have any recs for hole in the walls, little known places of any kind of food in Arlington?
My boyfriend and I see quite a few, but don't know what's good and isn't.

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  1. If you like banh mi (Vietnamese sandwiches) Ba Le is pretty good.

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        On Browning St. in between Pioneer and Arkansas...across a pizza place....I have to agree, Ba Le banh mi are all good...

    1. For great, fresh sandwiches (open for lunch only) try Boo Boo's. It is in a strip center at the corner of Bowen and Park Row. Talk about a hole in the wall but its all fresh ingredients, very healthy and tasty. Al's hamburgers is another good one. People drive by and never notice it and yet they have outstanding old fashion burgers. Its on 157 just south of I-30 on the right in the same center as Tuesday Morning.

      1. Thanks for these recs! I will try these out for sure. :)

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          Shalisah - Al's is NORTH of I-30 - sorry - I live further north and just said the wrong thing - sorry! Now you have to remember - these are OLD Fashion burgers, thin meat not some gourmet place but boy - are they good!

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            I think I've had Al's, and it was good. I'm going to go again.
            I think Arlington has a pretty good selection of yummy food, it's just weeding out the good from the bad process.

        2. We love Prespa's Pasta and Pizza. They have two locations - one on Arkansas Lane (I this may be considered Dalworthington Gardens) and one on Sublett (at 287). Really great cheese pizza, fab lobster ravioli and awesome calzones.

          We also really enjoy Corky's Pizza on Little Rd just south of 1-20. They specialze in old world Italian style wood fired brick oven pizzas. Try one of the Margherita Pizza's (we espically like the Blanca).

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            Yes, Prespa's is great! I live close to the DWG one, and they are wonderful people! Great food and atmosphere.
            I haven't tried Corky's, but that sounds yummy! I think it's close to a little bar I go to. Will have to try it. Thanks!

          2. If you like Vietnamese and you like bun bo hue you might want to try Song Huong. Its a small restaurant located where Pho Palace is on Collins and Pioneer. That stuff hits the spot all the time.

            1. Shalisah,

              Corky's Pizza in far south Arlington on Little Road and I-20 is a pretty good place for pizza cooked in a wood oven ( http://www.corkyspizza.com/


              Rama's Mediterranean Grill at 502 W Randol Mill Rd

              Good place to get lost in imported food is Import Food Market at 701 E Pioneer Pkwy

              Good place to go shopping for veggies Green's Produce 3001 W Arkansas Ln (I believe they get shipments from local organic farmers (try checking out LocalHarvest.org)

              If I were coming from Lewisville (where I live) I would definitely hit up the Vietnamese and Chinese places along Arkansas and Pioneer Pkwy.

              1. Arlington stake house is great for the price and catfish Sam's both on west division
                Rocco's pasta in the lincoln center in north Arlington and Bobby V's in south Arlington I-20 and Bowen

                1. Mi Terra Latin Fusion--(Not a chain rest.) This is a wonderful spanish food rest. in downtown Arlington near UTA. Cooper and Abrams next door to the McDs.

                  1. Taste of Thai at 360 and Arkansas is delicious!

                    1. Arlington steak house was one of our favorite places to go several years ago, have'nt been in a few years. Their french dressing was awesome. If it's still like it used to be I would definatly recommend it. Brooklyns Best pizza on Green Oaks is a very good pizza place.

                      1. My all-time favorite sub sandwich place is Dino's on Collins at Arkansas. The meats and cheeses aren't pre-cut like the chain places. Everything is made when you order it and the ingredients and combinations are so fresh and so good.

                        As someone else said, lots of the various types of Asian places along Pioneer and Arkansas west of 360 are good. Sorry, I don't remember the names of any of them.

                        When I was a kid Candlelite Inn on Division east of Collins was a fun place to go, kind of a dive and very kitschy. I haven't been there in decades. Maybe someone here knows if it's still worth going to?

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                          Piccolo Mondo (off Collins, in the same center as Whole Foods) has been a favorite for years.