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Oct 12, 2007 10:15 AM

All PIE Menu: a Fantasy, but Can it Become a Reality?

First of all, I totally adore pies. I like fruit pies, tarts, quiches etc etc. For at least a year, I've been playing around with the idea of a meal to entertain some friends consisting of pies. To be served buffet style, I think.
Can this be done do you think? What are your suggestions?
My preliminary ideas so far: I thought that salad greens could be served in Parmesan cups (a 'nod' to pies), with the dressing on the side (?). The main course could be a pastry-covered meat (beef, pork or fish); I could have a vegetable tart, and, yay, desserts, reg. & crumb crusts, etc.! Probably need something else for side dishes/appetizers etc etc. And I don't have a set menu yet.
What ideas do you have on a possible menu?! How can I maximize variety, color, nutritional content?
It's a crazy fantasy, I know, but I can't help thinking that it can be done.
If you think that I should forget it & just go for dessert pies only, I will accept that (sigh!).

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  1. i don't think it sounds crazy at all. it sounds like fun, actually! i think you might want to vary the type of crusts you use, so guests don't have crust overload by the end of the meal; maybe do a starter with a cornmeal or polenta crust, a main with a traditional crust, and a dessert with a graham cracker crust. i think you might want to ditch the crust on the salad; the parmesan crisps sound good, but kind of superflous and i don't think a pie-free side dish would be a bad thing.

    also, consider things like shepherd's pie, cottage pie, and fish pie if you want to add more variety and get some taters in there.


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      You're right, a nice bright, fresh salad would be nice on its own; thanks for your suggestions!

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        What fun! Please post photos when you host this party!
        - taco salads served in fried tortilla cups
        - fattoush in pita cups
        - toasted bread cups with marinated mushrooms, green beans or olive tapanade; trim crusts from bread slice, butter and place in muffin pan cups, bake to toast.

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          do a pizza pie..... cook a thin crust garlic oli parm pizza and chill to room temp and cut - serve your lightly tossed salad on it. The "croutons on the bottom and its still a pie - sort of. this is some place I actually like to use the overused mixed greens and a bright oil and vinegar dressing. trick is to not over dress salad and to put on pie with tongs , don't dump - because you don't want excess liquid.

      2. I think it's a fun idea, but possibly overwhelming to have so much crust in one meal.

        I was thinking you could do an onion/goat cheese tart as an appetizer and then serve a small salad as a "palate cleanser". Pot pie or individual beef wellingtons could be a main with a light vegetable side (I think a vegetable pie might be too heavy). Then, go nuts with dessert! Cream pies, fruit tarts, custard pie... Boston Cream "Pie" for cake lovers!

        1. Instead of a salad, how about a savory appetizer pie? In THE GIFT OF SOUTHERN COOKING by Edna Lewis and Scott Peacock there is an Asparagus and Scallion Pie I have served as an appetizer a number of times. It is excellent and you can add many things to it if desired.

          The cookbook is well worth getting, it is terrific. But I am sure you can find similar things online. You just blanch the asparagus and scallions, make a cream sauce, fit a pie pan with dough on the bottom, arrange the vegetables, pour in the cream sauce and lay another layer of dough over the top. It was wonderful.

          1. Do you know tourtiere, the Quebecois spiced ground pork pie? It would be a fantastic addition. It's a traditional Christmas Eve dinner in Quebec.

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              'Nother Canuck here - I second the tourtiere motion - it is often not just pork but a mixture of pork beef and lamb - delish! Another Canadian pie to try is Rapee (grated) pie (or Pate a la rapure) which is an Acadian (French Canadian local to the Atlantic Coast, not Quebecois) which is made of grated potates carrots and onions simmered in chicken stock layered then baked 'till golden, or use Veg. stock for a great vegetarian option.


              (scroll down at least half way for the recipie


              A bon gout!

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                ooh-I love rapee pie. I have some clients who are originally from Canada, and they bring this treat to the office a few times a year. SO good- and they use a box grater to grate the ingredients. I think I would have no knuckles if I did that!

            2. I LOVE baking pies. I could totally get into a menu like that.

              Why not have some kind of vegetable tartlet for an appetizer with a hearty meat pie for an entree?