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Oct 12, 2007 10:08 AM

Suggestions for Calgary's best bread?

I'm planning a baby shower and I'm serving afternoon tea which of course means tea sandwiches. Calgary CHers where do I find the best bread? I had one suggestion from a friend who said to use sandwich bread (square slices) found at Costco... but I'd like something local and super fresh. Any suggestions you have will be most welcomed! TIA

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  1. A lot depends on what type of bread you wish to make tea sandwiches from (since if you're going with a traditional english style, it calls for white bread). I dont have much experience with white bread, but here are two good places.

    My personal favourite bakery is Manuel Latruwe. Expensive, but their walnut pecan bread, and blue cheese bread, toast up fantastically to make a great addition to a nice quality finger sandwich.

    I also patronize Rustic Sourdough Bakery for good fresh bread. Their pita/focaccia, as well as some of their heartier breads make for excellent sandwiches as well.

    1. I like Urban Baker on Edmonton Trail and COBS near Elbow Dr and Glenmore.

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        Thanks yen, thanks Major. I was looking at COBS (Crowfoot) since hearing good things...but I tend to trust Chers more since we're all about the food heh. COB's website suggests slicing loaves lengthwise to make sandwich assembly easier which makes me think if I request this while at the bakery they won't look at me as if I'm nuts.

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          I think both places are the kind of bakery's that would accommodate your requests. The owners of Urban Baker also own Big Fish/Deluxe Diner and I've eaten lengthwise sliced Tuscan Bread with my Po'Boy sandwiches at Big Fish, in case that helps, lol.

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            Urban Baker is good - i completely forgot about them. Im not a huge COBS fan, but in a pinch, they make ok bread. At least it's fresh.

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            Where in Crowfoot is the COBS? Finding anything in that place smaller than Safeway stresses me out! It would be great for when I can't drag myself further south.

            1. re: alex8alot

              COBS is in the strip mall that has Wendy's on one end. There is a UPS store, M&M and a really good travel store in that part too.
              The market where Marinnuci's used to be in Crowfoot has some decent breads too. New name is something like Plate It Up or Serving Plate. That's in the strip behind the theaters facing Chapters.

              1. re: sharonanne

                thank you. Wow, I am in and out of that area all the time, and had not known about any of these things.

                1. re: alex8alot

                  If you're coming south on Nosehill Drive take the first right past John Laurie, which is Crowfoot Road then the first right again onto Crowfoot Crescent: COBS Unit 107-150 Crowfoot Crescent NW
                  I'll be heading there for 7:00am tomorrow :-)

                  1. re: gourmethunter

                    See below re this morning's COBS experience.

        2. I love the Cape Seed loaf at COBS. It is rather sturdy, so would be great for tea sandwiches.

          1. I hope no one yells at me. Always posting the cheap eats, I find that the smell of Chinese T&T supermarket baking bread is heavenly. THey are the best place for sweet breads, baked fresh everyday. My favorites are the taro swirled bread and the milk bread(normal white and perfectly square).

            1. There is a good bread bakery in the strip mall opposite Northland. The mall closer to Crowchild Trail not the one with the Korean market. Prairie Mill I think is the name.