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Oct 12, 2007 09:40 AM

Tex- Mex or Gringo- Mex

Not sure of the difference, but puts me in the vicinity anyway.

I grew up on El Fenix, and am looking for something similar in the area. I've tried Enchiladas y Mas, Maudie's and thought both were awful. From reading the boards I understand that Jorge's might be a good choice. If there is warm salsa and either pumpkin candy or pralines involved that would be a bonus.

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  1. You might try Camino Real up on 183 and El Azteca on E 7th. I agree re Maudie's. Have not tried Enchiladas y Mas, but had heard good things about it so am disappointed to hear your assessment.

    I spent time in Dallas and liked those El Fenix enchiladas, as well as Ojeda's, and a dump off Inwood called Escondido.

    1. Jorge's is about as close as you'll get here. some (very few) things at Manuel's might fit the bill

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        1. Have you tried El Gallo on South Congress? Another option might be El Patio on Guadalupe. Nice to see someone else on here who likes Gringo-Mex. :)

          1. Matt's El Rancho is also good for standard yellow-cheese tex mex fare.

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              Matt's El Rancho is passable food with some of the worst service I have ever had in Austin. I have been in there several times before I learned my lesson, and each time the service can be ranked as either 'surly' or 'disinterested'