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Tex- Mex or Gringo- Mex

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Not sure of the difference, but puts me in the vicinity anyway.

I grew up on El Fenix, and am looking for something similar in the area. I've tried Enchiladas y Mas, Maudie's and thought both were awful. From reading the boards I understand that Jorge's might be a good choice. If there is warm salsa and either pumpkin candy or pralines involved that would be a bonus.

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  1. You might try Camino Real up on 183 and El Azteca on E 7th. I agree re Maudie's. Have not tried Enchiladas y Mas, but had heard good things about it so am disappointed to hear your assessment.

    I spent time in Dallas and liked those El Fenix enchiladas, as well as Ojeda's, and a dump off Inwood called Escondido.

    1. Jorge's is about as close as you'll get here. some (very few) things at Manuel's might fit the bill

      1. Have you tried El Gallo on South Congress? Another option might be El Patio on Guadalupe. Nice to see someone else on here who likes Gringo-Mex. :)

        1. Matt's El Rancho is also good for standard yellow-cheese tex mex fare.

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            Matt's El Rancho is passable food with some of the worst service I have ever had in Austin. I have been in there several times before I learned my lesson, and each time the service can be ranked as either 'surly' or 'disinterested'

          2. The best "gringo mex" I've had in Austin is at Jorge's. To me, "gringo mex" is what was served at all "tex mex" restaurants in West Texas in the late 70's and early 80's, especially in Midland, TX. Since Jorge's is a Midland sattelite, this shouldn't surprise anyone.

            Next up is Tamale House on Airport. Dirty and cheap. Cash only, closes at 3 PM, closed Sundays. More of a shack than a restaurant. Also worth mentioning in this genre is La Reyna on S. 1st. Tasty treats, affordable.

            After that, this style is done best by Enchiladas Y Mas. You don't say what you hated about it -- what sucked? I think their beef enchilada lunch special + a crispy beef taco is quite tasty for this line of foods. I also think their chorizo migas w/ cheese is a jam session.

            Finally, I'll throw El Gallo and Matt's El Rancho. Neither are very good, but I like 'em when I'm in the mood for gloopy, fatty, carb-heavy "gringo mex". Oh, Maudie's and El Patio also do this sorta stuff, although they're 'round the bottom of the stack, in my opinion.