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Oct 12, 2007 09:32 AM

Take Out Thanksgiving Dinner?

Is it too soon to be thinking about this? :-)

I want to order an already cooked traditional Thanksgiving dinner (turkey, stuffing, maybe potatoes and veggies) for consumption on Thanksgiving day. This may appear to be like the height of laziness but trust me, it's the only way I'm going to get this done.

Any suggestions?


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  1. I recall hearing TV ads for places like Roche brothers, touting "thanksgiving in a bag" last year. Boston Market used to offer thanksgiving meals to go as well. [are there any of those around anymore?] I also recall a higher-end supermarket ad, but for the life of me, can't remember who that was.

    1. Deborah's Natural Gourmet has a delicious take-away T'giving dinner. Their latest newsletter says you can pick up a menu at the store. I'm sure if you called, someone would read you the particulars including price.

      1. Where are you?
        Some friends of mine were very pleased with their takeout dinner from the Colonial Inn in Concord Center. Second-hand info, but I've dined with them and trust their opinion.

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            I'm not sure about this but I know J. Pace & Sons in Sausug has something going on for Thanksgiving. It might just be pies and turkeys, but it's worth giving them a call at least.

        1. Neillio's Gourmet Farms Kitchen in Lexington focuses on in-house roast turkey.'s warm when you get it, and makes great sandwiches. They also have turkey dinners as well as other prepared foods. Not sure how the stuffing and gravy are, though. Anyone else?

          I noticed a flyer for their take-out Thanksgiving stuffed turkeys and sides the other day. They're not super cheap, but decent.

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            I used to eat lunch there 2-3x a week when it was just called "gourmet farms" They had the Turkey Terrific and other great items. Have not been since it became Neillio's but it used to be excellent. Even on NON thanksgiving days/season this place was cooking several dozen turkeys a day!

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              OMG I had that Turkey Terrific sandwich for dinner once a week in high school. Wow, delicious memories!

          2. May not be convenient to Reading but for a higher end Thanksgiving, Baker's Best in Newton for a more traditional, Owens Poultry Farm in Needham; both can provide you the entire meal as can Roche Bros and Sudbury Farms.