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Oct 12, 2007 09:21 AM

Back to Philly for one weekend: fun/inexpensive/delicious rec needed

Hi Everyone. I'll be returning to Philly for one weekend after having been away for 6ish months (graduated from Penn last year, now living in Chicago). I see this as an excellent opportunity to visit some of the amazing restaurants that I didn't make it to by the time I graduated. It is also, however, my only chance to see my closest friends, some of whom are not interested in spending a ton of $ on dinner. SO, what is the one great but reasonably-priced restaurant (BYO would seem to make sense) for my friends and I to head to?

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  1. Modo Mio. 2nd and Girard (bet. Northern Liberties and Fishtown). Call now. Gets booked early.

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      Caffe Casta Diva 220 S. 20th St.

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        modo mio is BYO and cash only so be prepared! i love them. best i could describe it is creative italian - not your typical red sauce joint (though those are good too!). the chef is super-nice and makes a point to talk to the tables when he can.

      2. El Vez on 13th and Sansom. Tex Mex, funky atmosphere. Its not too loud so you can take a big party there and have good conversation. The meals are reasonably priced and it has a fun drink menu.