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Carolina/Kure Beach, NC

demartino Oct 12, 2007 08:43 AM

I'm finding a few posts from 2001/2002 about Carolina/Kure Beach dining options. Pretty outdated folks!
I'll be there next weekend -- can any recommend some good places to hit up? Vegetarian friendly a considerable plus. What's good?


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  1. lynnlato RE: demartino Oct 14, 2007 04:54 PM

    There is slim-pickins on this stretch, I'm afraid. But it's not impossible to have a good meal, just go into it knowing you're not going to be blown away. We always hit The Deck House on Charlotte Ave. It's got a nice atmosphere, a really good hot crab dip and many, many daily specials including fresh local fish. Not sure if you eat fish or not, but if so give it a try. A bit nicer is The Cottage on N. Lake Park Blvd. It's housed in a restored old cottage. They probably have the most creative menu in the area. There is a roadside bbq joint called A & G BBQ on South Lake Park Blvd. Not a pretty place but they have good eastern style 'cue and good hush puppies. Everyone always stops at The Trolly Stop on South Lake Park also, for a hot dog done w/ many different toppings to chose from. I know there is an Italian place on Lake Park and also a Mexican place but I don't recall there names and I've never eaten at them before. Good luck and hope this helps some what. :-) Jessica

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      barbara27 RE: lynnlato Oct 15, 2007 06:28 AM

      Actually, the Cottage is no more...a greek restaurant (haven't eaten there) has opened in it's place.

      A&G is great place for authentic Southern food...definitely try the fried oysters when they have them on special! And the fried chicken is excellent.

      I'd say it's definitely worth a trip into Wilmington (30 min) for a good dinner!

      1. re: barbara27
        chazzer RE: barbara27 Oct 15, 2007 06:55 AM

        A&G was the first place I had fried spots, the spots were very fresh and well cooked, definitely the place to go for local food.

      2. re: lynnlato
        lynnlato RE: lynnlato Oct 15, 2007 08:49 AM

        (just realized if you're vegetarian, a bbq joint might not be the place for you... so sorry for forgetting that element.)

      3. bustersfriend RE: demartino Oct 22, 2007 08:48 AM

        The Old Pier House right across the street from the Kure Beach Pier has light crispy not-overly-breaded flounder filets (big uns) & shrimp/oysters that are impeccably fried - albeit in Calabash-style- but the coating is light & not bready as soo many places are wont to do. They serve fresh hot tasty oniony-sweet hush puppies & have a large selection of vegies - all southern-style. I would recommend field peas & snaps (if you can get them), fried okra (light & crispy), & collards (a nice foil for the fried things when seasoned with the hot pepper vinegar). Fish eaters - the filets are MIGHTY big - combo with shrimp or (in the winter) oysters are fab. It's the best place in Kure Beach - remember we've only got 1 stoplight - LOL! Hope you like the place - we do.

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