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Oct 12, 2007 08:08 AM

brunch on wayyy upper west side

Hi all -

Not a native new yorker and staying on way upper west side (102nd and Broadway area, by Columbia) - I need a great brunch place for a potentially awkward parents-meet-the-in-laws brunch. Any ideas?

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  1. I wouldn't say that is the wayyy uws at all-in fact where you are is quite lovely and one of the nicest areas of the uws. You might want to try Docks on 9oth and Broadway. Kitchenette on 122 and Amsterdam is quite nice or go down to Nice Matin on 79th/Amsterdam. You are in brunch heaven on the UWS-just walk down Amsterdam from 86th on.

    1. Are you looking for something upscale or casual? There are a bunch of restaurants up by Columbia, most are casual. There is an Italian place that is shabby chic around 118th and Amsterdam. Around 107th is where the restaurants start in that area. If looking for 'something nice' you might be better off heading down into the 90's.

      1. If you are heading into the 90s, we like brunch at Roth's Steakhouse (great steak & eggs, really good seasonal fruit on french toast, reasonably priced drinks) and Gabriela's (I enjoy the banana pancakes and DH likes the chilaquiles; very strong, but good, margaritas). Sometimes Roth's has a jazz band. Both have outdoor seating, if the weather works.

        1. Henry's - 105th and Broadway

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            oh, Yes, we've had brunch at Henry's too and enjoyed it (should have mentioned that above). And it's certainly very close to where you are.

          2. The original comment has been removed